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Show Your Sincerity And Enthusiasm

A master philosopher once said, "Life itself is a blank canvas on which you can paint whatever you want; you can paint pain on it, or you can paint perfect happiness on it."

By BobbyPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Show Your Sincerity And Enthusiasm
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  A master philosopher once said, "Life itself is a blank canvas on which you can paint whatever you want; you can paint pain on it, or you can paint perfect happiness on it."

  Pain is not the inevitable result, and happiness is not out of reach, it all depends on what attitude you use to paint your life and work.

  Don't consider work as an annoying matter outside of life, but integrate it into our lives and our hearts, then we will naturally pay willingly and feel the necessity of this life with the most enthusiastic heart.


  Larry King, the famous CNN talk show host, was born in the ugly neighborhood of Brooklyn, and his father died of a heart attack when he was 10 years old, and he has grown up on public assistance ever since.

  He aspired to a career in broadcasting since childhood, and after graduating from school, he first went to a radio station in Miami as an administrator, and only after much effort did he sit on the anchor desk.

  He once wrote a book about communication secrets, called "how to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime". In the book, he mentions his first experience as a radio anchor, saying that if anyone happened to hear him on the air that day, they would have thought, "This show is over."

  It was a Monday, and he walked into the station at 8:30 a.m. He was so nervous that he kept drinking coffee and boiling water to wet his throat.

  Before going on the show, his boss came to cheer him up and gave him a stage name: "Larry King, it's easy to pronounce and remember."

  From that day on, he was given a new job, a new show, and a new name.

  At the beginning of the show, he played a piece of music, and just when the music was finished and he was ready to speak, his throat felt like it was cut, and he couldn't make a sound.

  As a result, he played the music three times and still couldn't say a word after that. At that time, he realized with frustration, "So, I can't be a professional anchor, maybe I don't have the guts to host the show."

  At that moment, the boss suddenly walked in and said to a dejected Larry King, "You have to remember that this is a communication business!"

  Hearing this reminder from his boss, he once again struggled to get closer to the microphone and started his first broadcast as hard as he could: "Good morning! This is my first day on the radio, I've been hoping to get on the radio ...... I've been practicing for a week ...... 15 minutes ago they gave me a new name and just now I've played the theme music... . but now I'm dry-mouthed and very nervous."

  Larry King stammered out a long list of words, only to see his boss keep opening the door and prompting him, "It's a communication business!"

  Finally able to speak, he seemed to have his confidence back, and that day, he finally realized his dream and succeeded in accomplishing it!

  That was the beginning of his broadcasting career, and from then on, he was no longer nervous because his first broadcasting experience taught him that people will feel your sincerity as long as you can say what's in your heart.


  As a famous anchor, Larry King's experience is that "you have to talk with emotion, show your passion, and let people get a taste of what you're feeling."

  For Larry King, broadcasting is not only a communication business, but also the first element to enrich his wonderful life, so he keeps telling us in his book, "Put in your feelings, show your passion for life, and then you will get what you want in return.

  This is not only the secret of success that Larry King has learned on the road of struggle but also the most useful success guide for every dedicated person who wants to run his own business successfully.


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