Should You Use Shapr to Make Connections?


Should You Use Shapr to Make Connections?

If an article could end at the subtitle, I would let it end there, but the public often wants the thought process, so here goes.

The picture above can teach you more about the world than Shapr does. It's geometric, it's possibly made in a time when people used their brains, and it's perfectly formed.

Shapr is not.

Shapr is an app for attracting intelligent business people in your area, allegedly. It's buggy programming that attracts wannabes and charlatans. I am a woman. I have my photo on there to attract clientele. I specialise in spotting anxiety in people's text that they often do not know is present. The internet represents our shadow and is the easiest way to understand a person than any other time in history, so when I go on Shapr I swipe on everyone. I've rotated my skills to go from extremely spiritual to extremely technological to just plain crazy. Each time I've attracted someone and each time they've either tried to mount my leg and hump it, discarded my knowledge because I do not want to play into their idolating ways, or matched with me but sent no message.

Interesting thing about the psyche. If you swipe on a person before they swipe on you, an anxious person tells themselves, "They will contact me any moment." They sit on it and it becomes extremely rude. You hit an impasse. I have no actual desire to connect with the person and the person never reaches out to see what possibilities a conversation may hold.

If I match with them after they matched with me the same event occurs. They swiped first so now it's my responsibility to grovel. Incorrect. I'm happy to keep you on a list for decades, just like social media. Your information is held until you become useful. People love social media stalking them but they aren't so fond when a human does it, so I delete them and let them go, the moment lost.

A lot of the people on Shapr believe they are god's gift to mankind. The next messiah of the non-religious. Steve Jobs or Zuckerberg and they justify it by comparing their families' backgrounds. I can guarantee if you put your ego aside and learn something from religious people you will find what is missing from your family in seconds: respect, honour, and courage. I hate what the world has done to religion but I love the people who follow it for the good of themselves and mankind, because sometimes you need something a little extra to protect you from those around you. I say this as a person who believes in every god as equal worth to each other.

This is Shapr's problem; I've had a hundred people come up with a hundred different reasons they don't want me in their lives. I have an algorithm in my head that can tell a person what is causing their stress in seconds, wind back PTSD, and put some auto immune issues to rest as well as matching people to hobbies and days out to cure what ails them. I can help them dip into their DNA and connect with their families' past lives. I can teach them what psychosis they are suffering from and why. This would be very useful as an app and would save a lot of medical bills but when I attempted to offer my research to a man who wanted to dabble in AI, I misread something and he said he would turn me into a footnote. For me, this is his footnote. That event is lost. Anything I create in the future from what I have in my head is no longer his investment and the reason he didn't take me seriously is because it was late at night, he thought I was recreation, he only saw me as a woman, and he wanted to blow some steam off because he was mad at someone else. If I had been auditioning in his play, he would have asked me to have sex to secure the part. Base mentality.

If you block people on Shapr you must give an excuse and then you must fight the bugs to make the command stick until the person vanishes. It's an awful system and the men on there are extremely immature and the women don't care much who they trample on to get where they are going. They fail to understand the benefit of standing in each others' shadows: it does attract attention and so their ego shoots them in the foot. Everyone assumes everyone else has the money they want and no one is willing to go first in case they actually have to pay up.

If the world ran like this then we would have been dead long ago.

My suggestion to you is that no one is using society in England to make money. Next time someone walks up to you while you are shopping and strikes up conversation because they are lonely and troubled, help advertise something that is applicable to what they tell you. Help them because you want to know who is risking their health every day. When they ask what you do, sell yourself so that they either keep your information for themselves or pass it on to someone else in their network. Encourage them to pass on your information because you are only four people away from the right answer. Giving people something to gossip about with your name attached is a good way to make business if you can just learn to joke about your own life.

Example: "Oh my god, my nan is absolutely insane. Last week, we made her give up driving and she found 53 reasons why she should get back in the car."

My nan has an uncontrollable shopping addiction. The story is funny. The problem is rife in every house in England. People become very loose once they know you aren't the enemy, so don't be the enemy. Be the friend they want to pay. I love being paid to be nice. It's my favourite hobby.

When you match with anyone on any app online you are playing with people who are scared of real life. They will drop all formalities and they are often thinking with their base brains. Do not be offended, let them go. In quantum physics, the people you meet tomorrow are the reason you survive today and you exist today because of the people you met yesterday. It makes an infinity symbol. This is natural law, everything runs on it. Stop using apps and start working out what business you can't see right in front of you.

Learn the benefit of throwing parties for people with the same hobbies and problems as you. Treat your business like your second family. See the people, not the numbers.

I've been fighting my immune system for a few months now and I can honestly say Shapr made that period of time more miserable than it needed to be. You do not know who you are getting into bed with and they will not treat you as business associates should do.

If you like my way of thinking, come back often. I'm going to write about everything I experience every day and connecting with the world in ways you will want to copy and benefit from. I am happy to be copied and happy to listen to the ideas of others. This is my first article after surviving my father's psyche. Let it be the first of many and I promise I will get smarter along the way.

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