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Sendiio 3.0 Review

REAL Artificial Intelligence

By Solution24Published about a year ago 5 min read
Sendiio 3.0 Review

NEW A.I Email, SMS and Messenger Copywriter: One of the BIGGEST updates to date - Sendiio Goes A.I!! This is the FIRST fully-Al-integrated autoresponder of its kind to hit Jvzoo!

Integrated REAL A.l in ALL areas inside of Sendiio so that you can have high-converting sales copy written for you WITHOUT having to be a professional copywriter (or hire an expensive copywriter) yourself.

This will be the first time you'll EVER be able to IMMEDIATELY put REAL A.I copywriting to work for you by instantly being able to send profit-producing emails, texts, and social messages to your list WITHOUT writing a single word yourself. There have been several split tests done already by top marketers where A.I copy has consistently outperformed their human copy.

NEW A.I Subject Writer: How about A.I also takes care of the MOST important part of your email marketing as well? Yup, not only have integrated A.I to be able to write your actual sales copy, but also integrated it to be able to write the MOST important PART of any email campaign - Your SUBJECT line.

The subject line is the MOST vital part of your email marketing success. It's the FIRST thing that grabs the attention of your subscribers so that your emails get OPENED. If your subject line is not compelling enough, your open rates will suffer. And if your emails aren't being opened, that DIRECTLY affects your profit.

With A.I Subject writer, you can ensure that you're always getting MAXIMUM open rates.

NEW Hybrid Sequences Feature: One of the MOST requested features is FINALLY a reality. Imagine if you can set up a sequence where the first, message that goes out to your subscribers is an email, the second message is a text, the third message is a Ringless voicemail, then they get a message on FB messenger etc etc.

Well, that's EXACTLY what Hybrid Sequences allow you to do. You can leverage every form of communication that your subscribers use so they can get MULTIPLE exposures to your message. One automated sequence that reaches your subscribers on multiple channels!

NEW Ringless Voicemail Campaigns: Another highly-requested feature by members. This feature alone could have easily been its own upgrade offer.

Ringless Voicemail drops are one of the MOST powerful forms of marketing today. This update will allow you to create campaigns that go DIRECTLY to the MOST used device of your customers. You'll be able to tap into texts AND their voicemails. (this is actually a VERY limited-time bonus during ‘the 3.0 launch)

NEW LIVE Calling Feature WITH Recordings: This is a REALLY powerful one that has not seen ANY other autoresponder have. Have created the first and only autoresponder that allows you to make LIVE calls right from inside our app. Yup, this is PERFECT for those of you who prefer to call your potential customer on the phone. This feature allows you to be on the phone within SECONDS by just clicking a few buttons.

PLUS, to make it even BETTER, your calls get automatically recorded and saved inside your dashboard so you can refer back to them at any time.

Not just that, you could also type out any notes from the call that also get automatically saved to your campaign, so you can ensure you have ALL the important information at your disposal INSTANTLY.

NEW Ad-Blocks Feature: This is easily one of the most PROFITABLE feature updates of all the other updates - that also requires the LEAST amount of your time to get working for you.

Introducing Ad Blocks. This feature allows you to create and deploy text or image ads in the "Ps" area of your emails to monetize your campaigns even more. You could add additional offers, sell the ad space, cross-promote your own products, set up cross-promos with other marketers etc ete. The “PS" area is easily one of the most PROFITABLE areas of your email. With the Ad-Blocks feature, you can activate additional products in ONE click!

Automated Lists Cleanup With MillionVerifier: We've all heard, how VITAL it is to keep your list “clean” right? List Hygiene is one of the BIG secrets to be able to get (and maintain) EXTREMELY high open rates for the LONG-TERM.

Keeping a list “clean” pretty much means that you are automatically removing people who's emails bounce, emails that no longer exist, spamtrap emails, etc ete Pretty much ensuring that any and all bad” emails don't end up on your list. Because if you continue to send emails to these “bad” emails your sending reputation takes a hit and your open rates will suffer long term.

With this update, we've automated this process with one of the TOP list cleaning companies on the internet.

Automated Language Translation for Email Campaigns: Are you building lists in different countries that speak different languages, but you don't want to have to rewrite your emails on your own for those different languages?

Well, with an automated email translator, you can INSTANTLY have the system translate and deliver your emails in WHATEVER language you'd like :) This allows you to seamlessly tap into a GLOBAL market without having to translate your content yourself.

Automatic Collection of Subscribers Geolocation: This one works hand-in-hand with the Automated Translation feature. Not only are you able to automatically translate your content, but when you're building your list, the system automatically tags your subscribers based on their LOCATION to give you a lot more flexibility with your marketing.

You'll be able to segment your campaigns based on location AND also leverage the language translator to “speak” to your subscribers in the language they're most comfortable with. This takes your open rates and engagement to a whole new level when you can get THIS personal with your subscribers.

Totally Revamped User Interface: It was long overdue, but Joshua Zamora finally made it happen, since Sendiio is packed with so many amazing features, things started to get a bit complicated and 'messy' inside the user dashboard. So they decided to clean things up a bit, therefore restructuring the entire interface and at the same time giving it a completely new look. They have made it much easier to navigate, simplified all the options, and made it more user-friendly.

And A TON of other AMAZING Updates: They have many other amazing updates like a total UI overhaul of their email sequence to make it easier to use, and their new subscriber "Weight" feature that lets you filter your most engaged subscribers and filter their campaigns just for them. SparkPost mail provider integration and more for those who would rather use it as their premium SMTP provider.



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