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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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By Istudio TechnologiesPublished 4 months ago 6 min read
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Raising a page’s ranking in search engines like Google is the art and science of optimization. Being more visible in search results can increase a website’s traffic because it is one of the main ways people find content online.

We distinguish it from paid search traffic; SEO traffic is called “organic search traffic.” Paid advertisements are typically displayed first in Google and other search engines, followed by regular results, also known as “organic search results” by search marketers. Pay-per-click (PPC) is another name for paid search, often referred to as search engine marketing (SEM). iStudio Technologies in Chennai is a leading company that offers SEO services tailored to your specific requirements. We have the best SEO specialists to meet your needs and requirements.

The perks of SEO

Search engines are the primary source people access on the internet; online marketing relies on SEO.

If a website can advance in the alphabetical list of search results, it will frequently experience an increase in visitors. For example, the top result for a typical search query will get between 40% and 60% of all traffic, whereas results 2 and 3 will get far less overall. Approximately 2% to 3% of searchers scroll past the first page of results. As a result of a modest improvement in search engine results, a website may experience an increase in visitors and potential customers.

As a result, many companies and website owners try to manipulate the search results to have their websites appear above those of their rivals on the search results page (SERP). Here’s where SEO comes into play.

How SEO works

Search engines like Google use algorithms or rules for each query to determine which pages to display. These algorithms, which have become incredibly complicated over time, consider hundreds or even thousands of different ranking indicators to determine the rankings of their SERPs.

Search engines, on the other hand, base their assessment of a site’s quality and ranking on three key metrics:

Links – The ranking of a website in Google and other search engines is significantly influenced by links from other websites. Because website owners are unlikely to link to low-quality websites, a link can be viewed as a vote of approval from other websites. In the view of search engines, websites that receive links from numerous other websites gain authority (referred to as “PageRank” by Google), particularly if the websites linked to them are also authoritative.

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Content – Search engines examine a webpage’s content and links to assess whether it is appropriate for a search query. Making content focused on the keywords users of search engines are looking for is a big aspect of SEO.

Page structure – Page structure makes up the third essential element of SEO. Because HTML is the language used to create webpages, how the HTML code is organized can affect how well a search engine understands a page. Site owners can enhance their website’s SEO by including pertinent keywords in the page’s title, URL, and headers and ensuring that a site is crawlable.

Rank higher in the search results. The search engine optimization method requires tweaking each fundamental element of search engine algorithms.

Search engine optimization strategies

The first step in raising a site’s search rank understands how search engines operate. Utilizing different SEO strategies to enhance the site for search is necessary to raise a site’s ranking:

SEO company in chennai

Keyword ResearchSearch engine optimization (SEO) frequently begins with keyword research, which entails determining which keywords a site already ranks for, which phrases its rivals rank for, and which additional terms potential buyers use. Finding the keywords that users enter into Google and other search engines can guide how to optimize existing content and what new content should be produced.

Content marketing – This strategy is used after potential keywords have been found. It could involve developing new content or upgrading already existing content. Google and other search engines are worth high-quality content; it’s crucial to analyze existing content, produce engaging content that offers a satisfying user experience, and increase your chances of appearing higher in search engine results. A good piece of content is more likely to be linked to and shared on social media.

Link building – Getting high-quality backlinks is one of the fundamental SEO strategies since links from other websites, or “backlinks” in SEO lingo, are one of the main ranking factors in Google and other major search engines. Promoting quality content, connecting with other websites and cultivating relationships with web admins, submitting websites to pertinent online directories, and securing press coverage to entice connections from other websites may be necessary.

On-page optimization – In addition to off-page elements like links, enhancing the page’s structure can have a significant positive impact on SEO and is a factor that is completely under the web admin’s control. Common on-page optimization strategies include altering the website’s title tag to contain pertinent search terms, optimizing the URL of the page to include keywords, and describing images using the alt attribute. Meta tags, like the meta description tag, can be updated to improve a page’s click-through rate from the SERPs, even if they don’t directly affect search rankings.

Site architecture optimization – Internal links, or links within one’s website, are just as important for SEO as external links are. We have to increase a page’s relevance for particular phrases, a search engine optimizer can enhance a site’s SEO by ensuring that binding sites are connected, and that appropriate anchor text is used in those connections. A great technique for larger sites to aid search engines in finding and crawling the site’s pages is creating an XML sitemap.

Semantic markup – Optimizing a website’s semantic markup is another SEO tactic that SEO specialists use. We explain the meaning behind the material on a page, such as identifying the author’s piece of content, the topic; the type of content on a page, and semantic markup ( is employed. Semantic markup can assist in obtaining rich snippets, such as additional text, review ratings, and even photos, shown on the search results page. Rich snippets in the SERPs don’t affect search ranks, but they can increase search CTR, which raises organic traffic.

Search traffic optimization: from clicks to conversions

When done correctly, search engine optimization can boost the quantity of traffic that websites receive. Still, this additional traffic won’t help a company develop until it becomes paying client. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can help with this.

A/B testing and other techniques are used in conversion rate optimization to make website changes and track their effects on conversion rates. Successful search marketers understand that driving traffic to a website is only the first step; what that traffic does after it gets there is equally essential.

SEO services in chennai

CRO was formerly a challenging and complicated procedure, but now that tools like Optimizely exist, conducting tests to increase conversions on your website only requires adding a single line of Javascript. The best part is that we can alter a website using Optimizely’s visual editor without writing a single line of code.


The success of your digital marketing depends on having a competent SEO team on your side. Contact us immediately if you have any general queries regarding why SEO is vital for businesses or about SEO. We are very happy to talk with you about the value of SEO and how it may help your company succeed.

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