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SAAS Innovator's Capitalizing on the Lucrative Human Capital Trends of 2021

by Evana Tailor about a year ago in industry
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Get in on the ground-floor of a game changing business intelligence investment opportunity

SAAS Innovator's Capitalizing on the Lucrative Human Capital Trends of 2021
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What the newest reports showing?

Global professional services leader Deloitte that specializes in delivering audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to 80% of the Fortune 500 just released its 2021 Global Human Capital Trends Report.

As a global consulting leader, Deloitte has unique access to what is driving C-Suite leadership decision-making. This year’s trend report was culled from a survey conducted with 3630 top business decision makers from the world’s most dominant brands and provides a wealth of strategic insight about how the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have affected key human capital trends.

Among the most central premises contained within the Deloitte 2021 Human Trends Report is the notion that market leading brands around the world are actively engaged in moving from a condition of merely surviving and pivoting towards thriving.

Of course, the pandemic has made a winners and losers in the business world for a variety of reasons and not every company is in the same exact position.

However, this concept is global and reflects broader undercurrents in human societies. With so many people and businesses worn down by a year of pandemics, a year of lockdowns and uncertainty, so many are motivated by not just surviving but getting back to thriving.

Human Capital: The Value of People Taking Center State in a Post-Pandemic World

The Trend: Organizations are moving away from the concept of work-life balance and towards the integration of social well-being into intentional organizational culture and the design of new systems to address core business process challenges that support a people-first initiative

● Surviving: Offering employees access to programs adjacent to their normal work that allow for the opportunity to support well-being. Think of a weekly yoga class or professional development opportunity to advance skill-sets.

● Thriving: Driving as culture of innovation by intentionally setting up organizational structures that support a people-first perspective and allow for greater freedom. Think remote working capabilities and the freedom to structure processes in a more personal way.

The Trend: Moving beyond reskilling and towards unleashing the potential of all employees to thrive

● Surviving: Forcing reskilling and professional developments from the top down without understanding how individual workers can best develop their skills to succeed,

● Thriving: Empowering workers with agency and choice over what work they do, unleashing their

potential by allowing them to apply their interests and passions to organizational needs.

The Trend: Collaboration has changed as a direct response of the pandemic but that is not necessarily a bad thing, new work environments have fueled innovation and the adoption of technologies that dramatically improve business success

● Surviving: Seeing technology as a tool that merely enhances efficiency

● Thriving: Integrating human and machine knowledge into a superteam that is able to go beyond limitations by utilizing the power of technology to unleash human potential

The Trend: Businesses need mission-critical business insights more than ever before and rely much more on data driven decision making to inform choices

• Surviving: Relying on datasets, metrics and KPIs to get insight into what is currently happening with an organization in regards to current trends and market dynamics

• Thriving: Using data to apply insights pulled in real-time to gain a more holistic and 360° view of the potential to maximize output from human capital

The Trend: Due to playing such a leading role during the pandemic, HR departments are poised to take on even greater roles in shifting the organizational structures that guide business today

• Surviving: Thinking only in functional terms to use HR to manage and track employees without developing a mindstate that sees the potential in the person

• Thriving: Taking on a forward-looking approach towards apply human strengths and opportunities present within the workforce to rearchitect work and empower employees to succeed and truly thrive

The Business Intelligence Solution for Human Capital Decision Makers by Wikiprofile

Wikiprofile, the flagship business intelligence and analytics platform by Wikisoft traded under ticker (WSFT:US), empowers the ability to take a more holistic view at human capital by providing the largest collection of verifiable insights about businesses and the professionals in them available today. The global business intelligence industry worth just $23.1 billion in 2020 is undergoing a period of rapid upheaval and is expected to swell $33.3 billion within the next 4 years.

Wikisoft is a lucrative investment opportunity for individuals and organizations seeking to capitalize on the human capital trends of 2021. By providing a subscription-based business intelligence solution, Wikisoft’s Wikiprofile empowers decision makers to gain the actionable insights they need to make choices about investment opportunities, hiring decisions, and potential merger and acquisition targets.

Wikiprofile provides such a beneficial solution for businesses and professionals Wikisoft is looking more and more like a potent acquisition target for a larger and more dominant SAAS player to purchase. Within the next 5 years, the global enterprise software as a solution (SAAS) industry is projected to reach a value of $307.3 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 11.7% anticipated between now and then.

Wikisoft leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a resource of business intelligence insights that is truly game changing. The immense application for this technology span the B2C and B2B worlds. If you are looking to capitalize on the human capital trends driving the business world, you need to take action and get in on the ground floor of a game changing investment opportunity.

Take Advantage of the Global Human Capital Trends of 2021

As companies around the world adopt advanced technologies such as big data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning and apply them to automating business processes and streamlining operations there is tremendous potential to empower human potential to even greater heights.

Wikiprofile by Wikisoft is an SAAS solution that invigorates this potential for both enterprise businesses and employees seeking to gain the business intelligence they need to make key decisions.

To take advantage of the human capital trends driving business success today as we move closer towards a post-pandemic world, invest in companies leading the way and solving the questions of tomorrow today.

Follow Wikisoft to stay up to date on all the latest news and developments related to Wikiprofile.


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