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Ryan Ray Attorney | Different Ways To Show Employee Appreciation

By: Ryan Ray Attorney

By Ryan Ray AttorneyPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The pandemic changed the workforce once it came. First, there was record unemployment, followed by 33 million Americans willingly stranding their jobs. Employees are in a position to ask more from their leaders, and companies need to show appreciation to their employees. It can bring about even more positive results, including high-performing teams. When employees feel respected, they do a better job and are engaged in the workplace. Take a look at ways you can show your employees appreciation.


More than half of employees feel undervalued by their managers, and frustration runs high. Showing appreciation is essential to keeping employees in today's atmosphere. It is important to show appreciation regularly by offering rewards, and the outcome is employees who are more invested, committed, and productive. Have an "Employee of the Month" reward to incentivize people to do their best.

Don't Ignore Remote Workers

It is also essential to remember your remote workers. By 2025, they expect around 36.2 million Americans to work remotely, and most remote workers feel they are as effective or more productive than at work. Managers need to ensure remote workers feel connected and show them that they respect the work-life blend. Minimize meetings and ensure employees block off time to take care of themselves.

Genuine Gratitude

Although telling someone you appreciate them is meaningful, it is more meaningful to show them. You can stop by the house to deliver a gift of gratitude, or you can find ways to celebrate it with other people from work. This is an opportunity to show appreciation to remote workers as well. You can send out appreciation boxes that are themed, and people will appreciate them. Show them that you care about them.

Small Gestures

You don't have to offer grand gifts to show appreciation; it is better to show appreciation for little things more frequently. This ensures that more people feel valued, and you will have a more productive workforce.

About Ryan Ray Attorney:

Ryan Ray, Attorney in Texas, is a passionate business leader and entrepreneur with a specialized career history in law. In pursuit of this vocation, he attended Washington and Jefferson College, gaining a degree in Political Science and Government. Shortly after, he pursued his J.D. in Law from the Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. Throughout this time, his infatuation with government and politics grew immensely, but he also had another passion burrowing its way into his soul. This secondary passion pushed Ryan to attend the Yale University School of Management, specializing in Business Administration, Management and Operations. Studying at this Ivy League business school journeyed him through meticulous studies and allowed him to gain instruction from industry experts.

Throughout these studies, Ryan Ray, an Attorney now with a knack for business, had an entrepreneurial dream brewing in his mind. Fast forward to today, and Ryan now can be called a serial entrepreneur, as he has four businesses under his name. The first of these is the Ray Tax Group, followed by Ray-Goff Capital, formed in 2013. Ray-Goff Capital is a real estate investment firm based out of North Texas with the intentions of seeking opportunities in residential real estate and producing exceptional returns for investors. Other businesses of his include Kurv Agency and Kurv Loans LLC. By building these businesses and their client bases, Ryan has put his Yale education to the test, utilizing the skills and practices he was educated on.

Ryan Ray, Attorney at heart, implements many of the pieces of knowledge he learned in law school to his businesses, pursuing ethical practices at all levels. The clients and business partners he has worked with have sung his praises for the commitment he puts into each task of his, as well as his devotion to his clients. He has been celebrated for his creative problem-solving abilities that fare well in business leadership, his detailed knowledge of the tax industry and his ability to effectively advocate for clients, as was emphasized during his coursework in law school.


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Ryan Ray Attorney

Ryan Ray, an attorney based in Texas, is a serial entrepreneur with specialized knowledge of property tax valuation, accounting, and marketing. He proudly began The Ray Tax Group and Kurv Agency. Visit!

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