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Ron Navarreta Shares Insights on Protecting College Campuses in 2023

Based in Anaheim, California, Ron Navarreta shares his insights on security in 2023 for college campuses based on his 30+ years of experience in corporate security and safety.

By Ron NavarretaPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Many industry experts and solution providers predict what’s next for the cybersecurity and compliance industry. Most who work in the security and safety industry believe that knowing what’s happening in the future will help keep college campuses and communities safe.

Despite the repetitive nature of history, technological advancements have made it possible to predict the future without actually looking back in time. Thanks to these advances, the industry has been able to protect its employees and patients more effectively.

Since there’s no guarantee that the future will be as predictable as the past, many security industries rely on their knowledge and experience to predict what’s happening in the next few years.

Changes With Compliance Mandates

According to experts in the field, school safety and security will achieve a better social and emotional climate by implementing behavioral threat analyses and mental health assessments and improving the school culture. This combination of technology and physical security will allow schools to enhance their operations.

This comprehensive framework aims to help school districts identify and manage their risks. It will allow them to implement effective measures and improve their operations.

The federal and state governments have started to provide schools with the necessary resources to improve their safety and security. However, these funds will only be used if they comply. Politicians and certain non-security professionals will carry most of these mandates.

The responsibility for implementing safety and security mandates will be placed on the shoulders of the school’s elected board members and the superintendent.

Higher Cybersecurity Threats

Due to the increasing number of threats to education institutions, they’ll need to step up their cybersecurity efforts in 2023. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the resources to address these issues adequately. Fortunately, several measures can help prevent fraud and identity theft.

One of the most critical factors that can affect the well-being of patients is the lack of proper security measures in the healthcare industry. As cyber threats continue to rise, implementing identity-bound biometric measures will be a vital part of ensuring that the users are who they say they are.

To maintain their security efforts, companies must implement identity-based solutions in 2023. Although device-based authentication is still widely used in today’s environment, it must provide the necessary assurance that the user is who they say they are.

Overall Campus Security Changes

Following the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the public demanded change. Federal, state, and local governments have allocated unprecedented resources to improve school safety. This will allow them to implement effective measures and improve their operations.

Despite the various factors that can affect a school’s safety, there are only so many solutions that can be easily implemented. Instead, it’s vital that school administrators and security experts follow a comprehensive approach to improve their facility’s security.

A school’s security is an ongoing process requiring a comprehensive approach beyond just a set of procedures. It requires the community to use this unique opportunity to its advantage.

About Ron Navarreta

Ron Navarreta is a security and crime expert with almost 30 years of experience in the industry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree, as well as a Master’s in Corporate Security Management. Prior to working in the private security industry, Ron spent the majority of his career in law enforcement. As a young boy, he’d always dreamt of a career in the field, as offices and the traditional 9 to 5 never appealed to him.

When his dreams became a reality, Ron relished in the thought that he was a part of something bigger—an entity whose sole purpose is to give people a sense of security. Always a people-person, he loved constantly being around others and the dynamic nature of teamwork. After decades in law enforcement, Ron decided it was time for a change.

In 2015, Ron Navarreta joined the private sector and began his career in private security, working as a consultant, leading security teams, conducting security assessments, and managing client relationships. Ron soon realized that the teamwork component inherent in law enforcement precincts was also present in private sector security, so he found the transition easy.


About the Creator

Ron Navarreta

Ron Navarreta is a security operations specialist in the critical infrastructure space and an ASIS International board-certified security expert (CPP®) with experience law enforcement and private sector safety and security experience.

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