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Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Power of Now Book Review

by Mehedi Hasan Shawon about a month ago in book review
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Two great motivational books

Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Power of Now Book Review
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Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote the book from his own life. The book has been a top-selling figure for 20 years. The book discusses all aspects of how to become rich in life. That is, it is a book on personal finance. The author has tried to teach you how to become rich instead of your mentality.

The differences in thinking between rich and poor are discussed here. Further discussion, which is the asset and which is the liability. The book discusses how the poor are getting poorer day by day and how the rich are getting richer.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book about money. In other words, the main message of the book is that it takes a lot of courage and concentration to become dense. Reading books does not make you rich. However, it is not impossible to get rich, you can easily know those things by reading a book.

We all understand the importance of money. But sadly, this is not taught in our school and college. As a result, we have to spend our last life with difficulty even after studying very well.

We don't get any education on how to use money in theology. So the author discusses in this book, to develop different skills where we can use the money to the fullest to learn money.

In the book, the author mentions two fathers. One is an educated dad who has no idea about money. According to him, "Study and build a beautiful future". But it only makes us servants. That's why the author calls him Poor Dad. Again, a person who can't pass class ten, who knows how to use the money well. The author made important decisions in his life from this rich dad.

Knowing what to do to become rich makes it easier to become rich. One of the reasons for success is fear. The idea of ​​"I can't" fails us. So the aReviewuthor says, "Take risks without fear of work. Winning these two things will bring us success".

uthor says, "Take risks without fear of work. Winning these two things will bring us success".

The author emphasizes one more thing. That is, he insisted on having a business. Then we can get acquainted with the game of money. This book teaches us how to use money wisely.

If you haven't read this book that shakes the world, start reading today.

The Power of Now Book Review

The Power of Now is one of the most popular and famous self-help guides in the world. The book is written by Eckhart Tolly. This book will help you find your true self as well as use every moment of your life in the right way.

By Anthony Tran on Unsplash

"The Power of Now" simply means "the power of the present". Understanding the value of each present moment and being able to use it is the key to future happiness and success.

When we can truly live in the present without falling into the past or the future, we can do our own thing better. As a result, our life will be peaceful and successful. We will be able to meet our goals more beautifully.

From Power of Now's book review, you can learn to be aware at all times, have peace of mind, and how to make the most of the present.

Author Eckhart Tolly writes at the beginning of the book how he came up with the idea. Like many, he suffered from anxiety and depression at a young age. He even thought of committing suicide several times.

When he was 29, he found something that changed his whole life. But it took him a few more years to understand the whole thing.

And in The Power of Now, he describes his life-changing discovery step by step, so that others can benefit from it.

Most people's ideas are controlled by their minds. When the mind feels what it is, so do our reactions. When we are upset, our speech and behavior are not good. The mind does not sit at work.

Frankly, nothing goes well. But if we are a people with a strong personality, then our minds will not be able to control us. Rather we can control our mood or state of mind. Most people don't try to control their mood. Let it continue as it is.

Believe in one thing first to control the mind instead of being controlled by the mind. You have to believe that your mind does not control you. Instead, you are the driver of your mind.

Wherever you want to take the mind - it will go. If any negative thoughts make you feel bad, then forcefully think of something positive. You have to insist in the beginning but you don't have to insist later.

If you are currently in a bad mood for a bad situation, don't worry about past mistakes or current bad situations. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take regularly to change the situation.

This kind of positive thinking does not allow the brain to sit idle. He began to look for ways to change the situation. And one of these ways works. Even if it doesn't work, new ways come out of it. Frankly, this kind of thinking will not let you sit still.

The human mind is its most powerful weapon if it can be used properly. It can be compared to a huge car. A powerful moving vehicle, in whose driving seat you are sitting. You can easily control it and go to your desired destination. Put your hand on the steering wheel and tell him where to go.

Initially, the concept of The Power of Now may seem unrealistic or impossible to many. To many, these are ridiculous. However, to properly understand the contents of this book, it is necessary to practice it in real life.

It has been emphasized in various forums and reviews. We hope you enjoy the insights and theories of The Power of Now. We also hope that these will make your life more beautiful.

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