Real Super heroes don't wear capes.

They wear gowns, badges, drive trucks and feed you and your family during this uncertain time.Let's thank and appreciate them!

Real Super heroes don't wear capes.

Firstly, I'd like to ask you: What defines a hero? In these trying and uncertain times we live in, heroes aren't who we often read about in comic books or from DC and Marvel universes, they're people we cross paths with each and every day. they exhibit courage and braveness because they're putting their lives on the line whenever they get up, put on protective gear and travel to the war zone at the hospital. They're the same people who protect and serve this country within while assisting the most vulnerable during a time of crises. Some are people who transport those who'd been sticking by the invisible enemy and are in the back of EMT vans.

They work tirelessly around the clock and sometimes 3 shifts in, to defend and serve the people attacked by this crazy and deadly disease. These heroes don't have any super human powers but,they're able to use technology to help severely ill patient breathe through a ventilator as they struggle to gasp air.A hero is someone who can hold a patient's hand while on their last breath because family isn't permitted to see them. As sad as some of the unfortunate situations are surrounding these brave people, they keep the sick from getting even sicker. Sometimes these courageous nurses and doctors save lives, but there are times, where some patients don't make it, and in spite of this tragic statistic, heroes don't give in, or hang up their gloves, but fight for you, for me, for the sick who'd been affected by this horrific virus.

They don't wear capes

Why are they heroes? Because they're risking it all: Their health, well being and livelihood to save the infected and sick. We might turn on the news and see the statistics and current Coronavirus updates whilst doctors and nurse live it, touch it, see it, communicate with infected patients who gasp for air on a ventilator isolated in an ICU unit, every hour of the day! A real hero knows the suffering their fallen colleagues had endured where some of them got infected or past away saving lives. Although their time here has been cut short, they will forever be immortalized as heroes for decades to come. They were the front line soldiers of the 21st century. Fought to the very end but in the mist of this dangerous battle, were attacked among an untimely death.

Some of them feed you and your family during tough times like these

Each one of them, heroes forever and will be appreciated for their ultimate sacrifices for their contributions of battling the deadly Covid19. However, this uphill battle isn't over yet where the worse still yet to come and the living heroes are still needed to keep positive Covid 19 patients healthy and alive. Often healthcare worker are overlooked for their efforts to save lives, but it's up to all of us, those stuck in the house and not able to work momentarily. So let's thank them in anyway we can. But not only doctors, nurse, EMT and police, but the grocery store clerks, and cooks at fat food joints preparing food for you and your family. Let's not forget about them either as they too, are heroes and have put their lives on the line to feed your families! Let's tip our hats off to the postal workers who deliver your mail everyday and truck drivers who keep essential stores stocked with things you n your family need during this uncertain time.

I know if you're reading this and you work in any of these industries how scared some of you might be in this difficult time in history, however, we, the public who are doing our part of flatting the curve want to thank you. You might also, like us, watch the news daily or be bombarded with Ad Council TV ads of #stayathome #staysafestayhome, but you're apart of the essential work force and really can't afford to miss your check. We truly thank you!

Thanks for the grocery store workers who handle our cash and cards and keep the food stocked. Thanks to the fast food and restaurants who deliver our families meals and cook food that reminds us of a much simpler time.Thanks to the truck drivers who deliver items to the stores we still shop in during essential trips to the store. Thanks to the police who still keep law and order during a time most people don't feel too safe. Thanks to the EMT drivers and medics who help Covid 19 patients who are totally ill from this virus. We salute your courage and dedication to keeping America running .

We clap for you and celebrate you. We are grateful. We cheer for you when you enter the new war zone and risk your life. We honor you when you saved a life, but we won't forget who you are, who your colleagues were or what you stood for while protecting and saving lives from a vicious deadly virus. Why you, yes YOU, are the real super hero.

You don't have magical radioactive powers, you can't fly like superman, or fight crime like batman and robin. You're not apart of the Avengers or Justice League, your much more than fictional characters from a comic book or film, you're a real life super hero defending us from an invisible enemy that could potential harm or kill any of us and e are deeply thankful that you're here for us and for those who are fighting the hardest battle to stay alive right now.

So let's do our part by thanking your local nurses, your local doctors, and staying home so they aren't over burdened or stressed out. Let's get though this together by doing our part so that they can properly do theirs. So we can defeat the invisible enemy.

We thank you, and can't thank you enough.

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