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Quinn & Abigail

by Brendon 10 months ago in criminals

Brendon Luke

Quinn & Abigail

Quinn was left behind to wallow in the mess of her own making. No friends, her kids hated her because of the way she treated them, she was abusing prescription drugs, alcohol and smoked insane amounts of weed. But still, in her mind the shit hole of her life was always someone else’s fault and she was the victim. She can’t and probably never will see her role in it all. Even after I left KRONOS, Quinn continued her campaign against me. At first, I could ignore it. I had a new job; I was busy and happy and feeling positive about my life. After six months it started to get to me. It was starting to get pathetic. I had been gone 6 months, no contact, but she just wouldn’t let it go. I decided enough was enough and I was going to fight back. I started passing on some gossip about her to see if it got back to her. Nothing major, just passing on general stupid gossip I had heard from others. The worst thing KRONOS did was to pay me off and make me leave. Once I was gone, they had no responsibility, but they also had no control. Something they clearly overlooked. When they couldn’t control me, they started issuing veiled threats to my friends still at KRONOS about ‘Being careful who you are friends with’ and telling my friends ‘Remaining friends with someone like that doesn’t reflect well on you’. People said I needed to ‘Get over it, just move on’. They said I had fixated on KRONOS and I had to let it go. I had a new job, I was gone, it was Quinn and KRONOS who wouldn’t let it go, and continued to try to ruin my life. I had made friends at KRONOS, there were always going to be ties to KRONOS for me, but Quinn and David Brent were not going to stop until they had buried me twice over. It hurt that some people I considered friends started to call me bitter and obsessed when all I wanted was to move on. It hurt when they didn’t support me when things got worse. I was informed by Buddy that Abigail had broken her wrist in a skiing accident. The stupid bitch had fallen down attempting to keep up with the ‘I’m form an influential family so I ski crowd’ and had broken her wrist. I definitely smiled when I heard the news and my faith in Karma was restored. The bitch who had made my life hell was receiving karmic retribution.

In my last few weeks at KRONOS, Katie, Georgia, Petunia and I had grown closer. I thought they might enjoy the dark humour of Abigail’s downfall. I sent a group message laughing about Abigail’s broken wrist. Once again, I didn’t see someone for who they really were. As a fellow gay man, I thought that Petunia would see the savage funniness of the situation, but he didn’t have the stomach for it. He is a coward at heart. I saw him as an ally, but he wasn’t. I learned that Petunia thought my comments were unfair, and that is fine. What isn’t fine was the fact that he told Helga about a private conversation. KRONOS is a black hole of gossip, and Petunia is no dummy. He knew telling Helga (Abigail’s best friend) would guarantee everyone knew about it within days and Abigail would know about it within minutes. Helga is an ageing mean girl trying desperately to hang on to her glory days with the queen bees. There was a time when Abigail and Helga ruled KRONOS. They abandoned their co-worker Pan to do all the work, and ruled with fear and gossip. Helga didn’t realise the power lay exclusively with Abigail, and Abigail only deigned to have her around because it suited Abigail to have an adoring minion. Now that Abigail has left The Beaches, she has no friends or allies because she is a miserable bitch. I don’t think anyone has ever heard her say a single positive thing about anyone but herself. She is as far as I know still trying desperately to set up an ‘A team’ with her as the queen bee, but no one's falling for her pathetic middle-aged version of teenaged mean girl shit. I don’t know whether Petunia showed her the messages or just told her about them, but he didn’t screenshot them for later use because he’s just not that smart with technology despite being married to an IT guy. He was happy to throw me under the bus, but he still worked with Georgia and Katie and I don’t think he would expect to get away with throwing them under a bus without serious blow back.

Now this is where the story starts to get really interesting, I had messaged Quinn a few weeks prior in an attempt to end the vindictive games she was playing. I wasn’t going to let her continue trying to poison my friendships with people who still worked at KRONOS. It went a little like this:

Quinn: ‘if you continue this backlash I will be forced to write to the head of Management and KRONOS and let them know about your Pot use during work hours, your friend, Brendon’.

No reply was needed and I didn’t receive one either. What Quinn did, was show David my message. Quinn showed David, our boss a text about her smoking pot, at work, as evidence that I was threatening her. I honestly didn't know that Quinn was that fucking stupid, she showed her supervisor evidence that she was smoking pot, at work, and sticking needles into people while under the influence of an illegal drug. If they had responded differently and asked her to prove the allegations untrue, she couldn’t have. She would have failed the drug test.

Helga told Abigail about my private message to Petunia, Georgia and Katie. Abigail posted on Facebook:

‘I wasn't going to bother but I really feel this needs to be called out, BULLYING! An ex colleague thinks its “funny” that I’ve injured myself and they assume this will affect my ability to work. I'm not bothered that they're talking shit about me behind my back. What does bother me is if you responded to their comment also finding it “funny” I hope you realise you are not only condoning but also part taking in bullying. And mate, I’m flattered you still talk about me but seriously stop concerning yourself in others’ lives and just get on with your own’. It was then followed by another post in black and white, very fucking serious, with the quote ‘don't make excuses for nasty people. ‘You can't put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase’. Quinn responded to the post with ‘He’s pathetic’.

Another former co-worker, a little sexual devil called Georgia also hated Abigail. I don’t know what her beef was, because despite all the drama you have read about, I don’t actually seek out drama and gossip. Beatrice was Facebook friends with Abigail despite not actually liking her, and Beatrice went through Abigail’s past Facebook posts finding example after example of Abigail bullying others and making unflattering comments about KRONOS. Like mean girls and hypocrites everywhere, Abigail was happy to call out bullying against her while being a bully herself. With the help of Beatrice’s screenshots, I did what I had to do. I wrote to the HR department at KRONOS and stirred that shit like an overactive fairy floss machine. But unfortunately for you dear reader, anxious to hear what happened next, that’s a story for another chapter. Sorry sweethearts, always leave them hanging for more, is a rule among us charismatic and fascinating types.

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