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(Quick) Edit Your Voice!

by Sara Aulds 14 days ago in product review

Vocal+ Quick Edit Tool

(Quick) Edit Your Voice!
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

The greatest tool has finally been added to Vocal! Quick Edit. You can now make those little adjustments your eyes (or the eyes of your proofreaders) missed while reading over your work for the hundredth time. No need to email Vocal to have them fix it for you. Right now, this tool is for Vocal+ Members only. Regular Vocal members, I will highly encourage you to invest in the monthly membership to be in Vocal+; there is so much more you can do!

When you find mistakes in your work it gives you the sense of disappointment in yourself because your audience is going to read that and think you're incompetent and they may not finish reading your story because of that one mistake. That's an exaggerated example, but for some people, me included, it hurts to find flaws in your seemingly perfect work. For me, I have a habit of hitting the key right next to the one I meant to type. Some of my "if's," "its," and "puts" came out to be "uf's", "ots", and "outs." Those little things make a world of difference when it comes to context and meaning of your text. However, fear no more!

Let me show you how it works!

Write Your Story

Take your time, or if you're still in the habit of being a college student you can procrastinate until the last moment to get those Challenges in before the deadline, then post your new story. If you're like me, you don't realize you've spelled something wrong until after you've published your work.

I'll let you in on a little secret... I am actually horrible at spelling. I rely too much on spell check. One thing about using Vocal is it doesn't catch all of your grammatical errors, so I highly recommend typing your stories out in Word or Google Docs before copying into Vocal. Don't forget to add your photos and gifs for dramatically effects, but I digress.

No need to fear! Quick Edit tool is here!

Open the published story you want to make changes to, and at the top you'll find your new best friend. You'll have to wait for this to be published before the Quick Edit tool will be available; sadly you can't use it when it's still in the Submitted stage.

Will I lose views/reads if I edit and republish?

No, once you have a like, view, or tip from a story it will not change those numbers to republish or change.

What if I click Quick Edit, but don’t actually need to change anything?

This will happen at some point. You will click Quick Edit because you thought you forgot to write something or thought you phrased something one way but you actually phrased it the way you wanted it to be and you don’t need to actually edit anything; no worries. Quick Edit is just looking for something to be added or taken out, it’s not looking for any differences between versions. All you simply need to do it delete a period and add it back; it will now let you save and publish.

Is there a limit to how many times you can edit a story?

Nope! Edit as many times as you need! It’s highly recommended to get all your editing done in one full swoop instead of editing little things here and there. Like I said above, the smallest mistake could make you feel disappointed because your readers may find that mistake or multiple mistakes and not want to read your work because of lack of grammatical knowledge.

I really hope this was helpful to many of you! I hope this also encourages those who aren’t Vocal+ Members yet to join us! It really is a blast, and having the Quick Edit tool is a life saver!

If you found this helpful Pleiades drop a tip and a like! It’s greatly appreciated!

See ya later!

Sara <3

product review
Sara Aulds
Sara Aulds
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