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Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

by Ajay Ratra about a year ago in advice
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Thinking for hiring a digital marketing agency?

If you are reading this, you are probably on the verge of hiring a digital marketing agency and are in dire of reliable and effective digital marketing services. Unfortunately, it may so happen that an agency has just burned you, and now you want to be more careful while hiring the next one to finish your work.

Since there are too many digital marketing agencies available in the market these days, it is difficult to pick the best and discard the rest. Therefore, you do not know which one is suitable for conducting efficient and effective digital marketing work.

To help you choose a suitable digital marketing agency, first, you have to know to ask questions to the professionals. Here we have presented a few questions that you should ask a digital marketing agency before hiring it.

List of questions to ask

Before we get into the questions to ask a digital marketing agency for hiring it, let us first divide the digital marketing agency into its essential departments. The questions to ask a digital marketing agency will depend on its departments and will undoubtedly vary from one another. Given below are the questions that you ought to ask concerning the different digital marketing agencies.

• Search engine optimization

Here are the questions to be asked related to SEO:

- Do you abide by the guidelines of the Google webmaster?

A digital marketing agency should always follow the rules mentioned in the policies of the Google webmaster.

- How do you earn high-quality links?

Ask whether the digital marketing agency has appropriate placement opportunities and reaches out to bloggers.

- How will you improve the search engine rankings?

Ask the process of search engine optimization to the agency and see if you are suitable for it.

- What should I do to make the campaign successful?

Find out the information that you can give to the agency to make the campaign successful.

- When will I see the results?

Ask the agency about the number of days to notice the results and see the difference.

• Content marketing

Given below are the questions that you should ask in digital marketing about their content:

- Can you show some of your previous work?

When hiring unknown digital marketing with whom you have never worked before, it is imperative to check a few of their previous works.

- How is your content optimized?

Learn about the process taken up by the team to optimize and connect with your target audience.

- How many contents, both internal and external, can you create every month?

If you have to stay at the top and rule the search results, you must keep posting regularly. But, first, find out the number of contents that the agency will post both internally and externally.

- How will your writers familiarize themselves with our business?

Every business is unique in its way. Ensure that the digital marketing agency writers you choose quickly catch your brand’s requirements and get accustomed to them soon.

- What are the types of content that you work on?

Find out the different types of content that the writers of the agency can create. The more variety an agency can produce, the more it should be hired.

• Paid search

Here are the questions to be asked:

- Do you have a Google partner badge?

When a digital marketing agency has a Google partner badge, all the employees in the agency are certified by Google AdWords and have access to their own Google agency team.

- Do you have experience in managing social media platforms?

Since social media can give a business the broadest possible reach, all the team members in a digital marketing agency must have enough experience in managing social media.

- Do you offer services across multiple PPC platforms?

Although Google is the most widely used search platform, it is better to find out whether the digital marketing agency you hire uses Bing Ads.

- What metrics do you use in a standard report?

The agency you hire should deliver you standard reports by which you can clearly understand how your paid search ads are performing.

- What tools do you use to optimize paid search?

Some digital marketing agencies use tools to optimize paid search that is too expensive for you to buy for in-house purposes. Check out the tools they are using and look for their effectiveness.

• Social media

Since social media today has acquired a large share of space, it is vital to know the following things from a digital marketing agency before hiring it:

- How do you measure ROI on social media?

Measuring the ROI is very important as it will tell you the return that you can get upon your investment. When using social media, it is essential to know how much feedback you are getting in return.

- How do you process community management in social media?

Ask the agency the methods that they are using to gather the target audience and engage them. The more you engage your customers, the more awareness does your business gets.

- How will you ensure that your social media presence reflects our brand?

The agency you hire will be formulating social media strategies to make your brand reach out to the desired customers. Ensure that the social media strategies are consistent and in sync with your business or brand’s goals.

- What is your content development strategy?

When it comes to producing great content, the social media team and the content marketing team have to work together.

- What social media platforms should my company undertake?

Not all social media platforms are suitable for all businesses. The digital marketing agency should be competent enough to understand the social media platforms that work for your business.


Therefore, when you are hiring a digital marketing agency the next time, make sure you ask the questions that have been listed above. Before hiring, clarify all your doubts.


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Ajay Ratra

Ajay Ratra is a 30-year-old management consultant who enjoys binge-watching boxed sets, writing on various niches especially on Education Sector and listening to music. He is bright and giving, but can also be very rude and a bit lazy.

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