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Quarantine Diaries

by Hollie Bond 2 years ago in humanity
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UK life during Coronavirus Lockdown

It's May 5th and I've been working from home for over 6 weeks (practically since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak), it's been going well. Due to 90% of the company I work for being put on the Furlough scheme I had taken on extra responsibility, looking after other members of staff, and generally proving my worth and what I can do.

It's been going really well; I deal with Business Development and being the link between Sales and Marketing. A role I have essentially created for myself and really grown into in the 8 months I have been with the company. I’ve really enjoyed being more involved in the general running of the business conversations.

Not only have I been really concentrating on work, but I have also been working out EVERY day after work and lost 12lbs. Proud of myself. Alas, that came to an end last week when I had an awful 2-day migraine but back on it now. Keeping moving and doing something productive every day, giving myself even the smallest sense of achievement is helping a lot!

I struggle with my mental health, Anxiety and Depression. Not been on medication for nearly a year, worked on myself and genuinely think I've made proper progress. Exercise and seeing myself make progress in my weight loss is really helping (I’m currently 282lbs and want/need to lose around 100lbs; I’m also 5”10 just to give some context).

What I wasn't expecting was to be told yesterday that I was being put on Furlough along with our Digital marketing guy so the Owners could afford to bring back the Marketing Director...

Now if you're not familiar with the Furlough Scheme; it basically means that a company can ask the UK Government to pay 80% of an employee’s wages up to £2500 a month for 3 months. During that time they are not allowed to work and should essentially be treated as if they have been made redundant but I am not allowed to work or talk to my colleagues for a minimum of 3 weeks and maximum of 3 months or until the company can afford to bring me back.

I was a little shocked when I got the news, firstly posing the question of "How does this impact my income?", "Am I going to be able to pay all of my bills?". Well...

My Girlfriend works for the NHS and has been waiting for a month to get a new contract (she works in admin) so we had managed to get through a month only on my wage and the very little savings we had. So with all of our savings gone and now another 20% of my wages gone to say I was worried was a HUGE understatement.

After a mini panic attack and a pep talk from my parents, I wrote a very calm but strongly worded email for my other half to send to the people dragging their heels over her new contract.

Without this turning into a telenovela, in a very very quick and weird turn of events we managed to get her new contract sorted and she starts on Monday! (phew!)

So I decided to start this series of 'Quarantine Diaries' to document my at least 3 weeks on Furlough at home on my own during the day, the highs and no doubt the lows. Maybe include my workouts and possibly my meals. Never know might even get some comments and interact with people :)

Thanks for reading and I'll probably write another entry in the week, for today I’m currently catching up on some YouTube videos and then off for a bike ride; very lucky to live right next to a proper designated cycle route.

Stay safe out there guys...


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Hollie Bond

25, UK, A lot of views about a lot of things

*All views are my own*

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