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Put Your Idle Desktop to Work - Earn up to $50

by GBAROMSWORLD COM 2 years ago in feature


This is a cloud platform that serves websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of expensive data centres). We save websites money, and put unused hardware to good use.

You can sign up for a spot here. Just register for an account, and fill out the information form. Please make sure to sign up with your PayPal email!

This is a cloud platform that serves websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of large data centers). We save websites money and put unused hardware to good use.

They are looking for beta users to run nodes. This means installing the software and leaving it running in the background. The software will detect when your device isn't being used, and then it will use a small amount of your bandwidth and CPU to test our network and serve web content.

The requirements are a good internet upload speed, a Windows desktop computer, and UPnP. We pay between $5 to $50 per month (more for better internet speed) to have the node running. If accepted, we guarantee a flat monthly payment amount.


This is pioneering cutting edge technology to create the world's largest and fastest distributed cloud platform. Our network orchestrates tens of thousands of edge servers around the globe to bring your cloud infrastructure closer to the end user than was ever previously possible.

This was founded by a team of three Oxford University graduates and is backed by some of the original investors of SpaceX, Protocol Labs, Spotify, and TransferWise.

What They do

They convert office blocks in almost every country in the world into edge servers in order to create an ultra-low latency CDN (content delivery network). We are able to leverage these geographically distributed PoPs (points of presence) to deliver content with lightning-fast load times and zero buffering. Since they don't have to build and maintain large expensive data-centers, we can offer a higher quality service at a fraction of the cost of regular cloud platforms.

Their primary offering is the the Video Platform. This is a full package video solution, comprising their proprietary media player, CDN platform, analytics, advert integration and, also a developer-friendly API. For more information about their services contact sales.

They are currently building out additional components of our platform, and we will soon be offering a host of cloud services, including high-performance computing. By running computation on their node network, we can accelerate machine learning training, and big-data tasks, while significantly reducing the cost.



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