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Prospect Exploration (Part 1)

(This Is More For Me Than It Is For You)

By Z-ManPublished about a year ago 4 min read

So the time has really come to break out of my limitations and get shit moving.

My roommate and I are going to be moving into a really nice building with several cool amenities. Outside of the pool and game room, what is intriguing me most is a café area with tables where I can write and be around others. (Mostly to potentially meet women.)

Anyway, the time has come to design my life. It is 31 years running, and it has to happen.


So I have chosen to foray into the realm of progression: here.

I need focus on an income to will help me to pay off approximately $60K over the next year. Specifically as a basis to give it a timeframe do I say it like that. I don't want to break my neck doing it, but I also want to un-limit myself.

Like I said: consider this an example you can follow--I won't say to the t--in the event that you find yourself in the same headspace as me while reading this; wherever in time you may be.

So here we go:

Ways I Can Potentially Earn Money Contributing:

  • Writing: Here on Vocal, of course. Submitting to Challenges is extremely unlikely, but a tangential investment, if mainly for developmental, experimental, and public improvement potential. Also, finishing my book/omnibus and publishing it in book form (digital, surely, but I'd prefer to build a physical, personal product).
  • Filmmaking/Media: A companion piece, I began filming late in '20. It was a means to use the pain in the ass COVID pandemic entrapment to my advantage. I've fallen off it in recent months, but I got most of the editing done, anyway.
  • Extra Hours At My Current Job: Unfortunately, it's just not gonna happen. I can't even get a full 40 hours. So I will have to leave there in short time. It's sad, because I always have to leave seeing people I like whenever I leave. That's the real tragedy of switching jobs, for me.
  • Getting An Engineering Job: This one is a no-brainer. Of course, I just want to leave my old choices behind me. I mainly went to college to be with kids my age; I thought that being in the flow would automatically bring me the happiness I desire(d). The truth, of course, is that the flow only supports us in our endeavors--it doesn't direct us towards them. However, it is still a useful tool to have in my disposal. Especially when I have heard that jobs see the fact that you have a degree as the significant thing. I believe it comes down to reliability; of being dedicated to something, and following it through to the end.
  • Designing A Mish-Mash Of Incomes: This is probably most likely for me. Because I don't really want to be a part of the engineering environment--I want to be around people that are more artsy, or general, or perhaps "down-to-earth" in a way. I don't really want to be part of the, I suppose, "nerd stigma" anymore. I like the prospect of circuitry and all the cool things you can do with it--the power encased in things that are simple yet "complex"--but it's not who I am, or who I want to spend my time with. I am interested in and would like to try things like: bartending (being in public, talking with a bunch of cute girls, etc.), being a barback (physical, but still social), writing/filmmaking/music (I love 80's aesthetics, horror, and enjoy seeing magic brought to life on a visual medium--as if it were actually real).


(AND I AM TYPING THIS BECAUSE EVERYTHING BEFORE WAS EXACTLY 616 WORDS!!! lIKE, a mARVEL cOMICS KIND OF FIGURE. NOTE: I do love the MCU. I really believe in Marvel Studios and their product and vision.)

  • Acting: As a bonus item/my final one, I'll add that I would Love to be a part of the MCU. I could be an actor if I really tried. I do enjoy impersonations and also the prospect of pretending to be something else. It is more showing support for those people who inspired me, but I could always bring my own flavor to the table if I so chose to. So if Marvel Studios is looking for some idiot to talk to: you're looking at him, baby. Much love, Kevin and company. \m/, <3 B']
  • It isn't my lack of motivation that is the roadblock--it is only part of it. But it is the thing that I am sure is in my way most of all.

    So, to work on that, I am going to finish the exercises for Day 4 of Personal Power II. I'll catch you all later!


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Hello all! I am an aspiring vocalist, filmmaker + writer. I hope you gain something personal + inspiring from my work here. You are also welcome to subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Ad-Libbing With The Zman.

Thank You!



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