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Pros and Cons of Onlyfans Versus Patreon

by Aamir Kamal 9 months ago in list · updated 2 months ago
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A comparison between Onlyfans Vs Patreon.

Pros and Cons of Onlyfans Versus Patreon
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Onlyfans and Patreon are two subscription base, business models. Onlyfans and Patreon are very similar but at the same time, they are very different. The subscription business is growing. In the later stage of this article, we will have some constraints by which we will find the difference between Patreon vs Onlyfans.

Pros and cons of Patreon:

Patreon is a subscription-based platform that charges from 8% to 12% depending upon some features that will be added to your Patreon page. Patreon is more famous among creators who have a sizeable influence on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Pros of using Patreon:

  1. Patreon is free. Their subscription model is to take some charges when you get a follower. They take over 8% to 12% charges.
  2. The branding of Patreon: Patreon is very famous among people who are creators, writers, or authors. If you want to follow your favorite creators and want to get something extra, Patreon is the place. When more and more people have used a platform, turns out they tend to trust that platform more.
  3. It has all the tools that could help you to communicate better with your intended audience or your present and future subscribers.

Cons of using Patreon:

  1. Discoverability: One of the big issues with Patreon is its discoverability issue. You can only get followers or supporters if you have a big audience outside Patreon. This is actually a very great marketing thing from Patreon. They have to build a platform for creators to let them direct their fans and let them charge 8% to 12% on monthly basis.
  2. The payment takes a month in order to reach your bank account.

A Better alternative to Onlyfans and Patreon:

Fanvue is a social media site where adult content creators can make money uploading their content and monetizing it by adding a paywall to it. The best thing about Fanvue is it gives discoverability or exposure to your content. Fanvue help you start accepting paying subscribers, selling your videos as PPVs, and making money by getting tips from your fans. Join Fanvue here as a creator.

Pros and cons of Onlyfans:

Onlyfans is a website where you can create your profile and upload pictures and videos (mostly 18+ content) and if someone chooses to follow you, you as an Onlyfans creator can set up 'how much you will charge on monthly basis?' and your follower will pay that much in order to view or watch the content you upload.

Pros of Onlyfans:

  1. Onlyfans is free.
  2. It has great brand value when it comes to adult content.
  3. They have all the necessary infrastructure for you to better communicate with your followers. You can upload videos, go live and upload pictures. Most of the Onlyfans creator who entertains personal DMs, so if you have a request to place, they will do whatever you demand but for that, you first have to follow their Onlyfans page by paying a specific monthly fee.

Cons of Onlyfans:

  1. Even though Onlyfans is free. You have to pay 20% charges on every transaction that happened between you and your follower.
  2. It is only an adult-based platform. If you are intended to sell only adult content, go for Onlyfans.

An Onlyfans alternative:

Even though Patreon and Onlyfans are the best platforms for content creators but there is another platform called "FriendsOnly" that is one of the best for content creators to monetize their content through paid subscriptions. They give you discoverability and help you get more clients, Sign-up here for FriendsOnly.

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A Comparison between Onlyfans and Patreon:

What is the difference between Onlyfans and Patreon? in this list of a few items we will discuss the difference between the two subscription-based business platforms.

  1. The service charges: Patreon takes 8% to 12% service charges while Onlyfans takes 20% of the charges. In this case, Onlyfans might be at the loss but they have some other dominance over Patreon which makes it a good platform for most creators to choose Onlyfans.
  2. The platforms branding in niches: If you have a big social media following, Patreon is the right platform as well as it is suitable for people who are writing or creating 16+ content. Onlyfans is more related to content creators who are producing 18+ content.
  3. The discoverability: Onlyfans, as well as Patreon, are both very similar in this case. They don't promote your page to existing users or Internal users. Still, in my view, Onlyfans have better discoverability compared to Patreon.
  4. When do you receive payment? In Onlyfans, the payment is weekly while in Patreon, they work on a Net-30 basis which means you get paid in the month beginnings.
  5. How much money you could possibly make on Patreon Vs Onlyfans? There are no restrictions on how much money you could make on both of these platforms. The more subscribers or fans do you have, the more money these platforms (Patreon & Onlyfans) will make.

You can also read our guide about the difference between Onlyfans Vs Patreon: A complete comparison

The key takeaways:

  • The niche of the platforms or the type of creators flowing toward a platform is the major differentiator.
  • Onlyfans takes 20% of your subscription while Patreon takes 8% to 12% of the money you make from getting fans or subscribers.
  • Onlyfans is a more profitable company as it gives a platform for adult content creators to get paying fans and they are happy paying $5 to $20 a month to those super-models or sex workers.

I hope this helps.


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