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by RuthValencia 2 months ago in how to
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I had planned to write a plan from the beginning, but I didn't realize that it would be so difficult to do it until now

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I had planned to write a plan from the beginning, but I didn't realize that it would be so difficult to do it until now.

Not only do I have to spend time thinking about how to write a clear and concise plan, but I also have to spend time thinking about what format to use for my plan.

This alone makes me feel very difficult, but I also have to spend time every day to complete other tasks, I feel that I am a bit overwhelmed.

So now I have to come back here and write down these things that are bothering me so that I can calm myself down and think of a solution to this problem.

First of all, I want to write the annual plan, monthly plan, weekly plan, and daily plan, as well as special plans, and then the format of the plan can be used tables, nine boxes, and so on, everything from the simple can be, the design does not need to be too gorgeous.

The next is the content of the plan, first of all, I want to complete the task of writing, a PowerPoint. specific point is to write a task to write a homo sapiens, but also to write a modern romance novel, PowerPoint task is to develop this into a side business, the goal is to earn enough 1000 yuan, as well as the study of grammar and translation.

The last thing is, if I still have extra time, I can also learn front-end knowledge, ps as well as pr. these are alternate tasks, not necessarily to be completed in this period, but also can be pushed back.

But when I think about it, there are only almost two months left in 2021, so it seems unrealistic to plan to learn so many things, so I think in these two months, I should just focus on completing the writing, ppt on it.

Then, in order of importance, I will do the PowerPoint and finally the writing.

Both of these tasks require a lot of my energy, so I have to complete the planned amount of study every day and review it every time, otherwise, I will easily lose my study direction.

There are only 45 days left in two months, so if I think about it, I have to complete two big tasks, subdivided into 11 small tasks. If I want to complete all these tasks, then I have to carefully plan the amount of study for each day and then complete the amount for that day every day.

Otherwise, 2022 will be here and the next tasks will have to be put on the agenda right away. I have to complete these two tasks before the upcoming winter break, I must achieve something, otherwise, I feel that I will be looked down upon again when I return home, I really can no longer accept the feeling that the elders feel that I am of no use at all, I must make a change.

Before the winter break, I must have two stable side jobs, and also insist on learning a language and making a breakthrough. Otherwise, I won't be able to finish my winter break on time. If I want the road to go smoothly, then I have to put in some effort to pave the way for it now and in the present.

Don't use your hard-earned three days off a week to play with your phone as you did before. If you use those three days off to study, then your tasks can be completed faster, instead of living in anxiety as you do now. Don't always do something you regret.

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