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Playing a Bad Hand Even With Good Results

In fact, from a certain point of view, life is just like playing poker. People who get a good hand of cards, do not necessarily win. People who get a bad hand, do not necessarily lose.

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 6 min read
Playing a Bad Hand Even With Good Results
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  Play bad cards and get good results - Life is like playing poker

  In fact, from a certain point of view, life is just like playing poker. People who get a good hand of cards, do not necessarily win. People who get a bad hand, do not necessarily lose.

  The poker game is a board game that requires skill and guts, just like the popular "Texas" is a poker game that requires special skill and guts. The people who have played Texas know that it is not that you just get a good hand or a bad hand that will determine your win or loss, but also need you to have strong enough operating skills and excessive guts to finally get the victory Oh. If you look at it from this aspect, life is precisely the same as playing Texas, life also needs skills, life needs more guts, life needs more bad cards also needs to play the spirit of good results and action.

  Birth is like dealing cards

  Everyone wants to get a good hand of cards, but unfortunately, the hands of the cards are always bad cards occasionally come to a good hand is always with a bit of beauty. The majority of people do not get what they want, after all, there are far more poor people than rich people in the world. At this moment let Hacken Lee's "Red Sun" ring in our ears: how many opportunities fate gives people, fate makes people speechless, fate is always answering the wrong questions and making people shed tears. I will not be discouraged, the wind is blowing, let us experience it together with our hearts ......

  Born in the eighties, we are also known as the post-80s, there are too many tears of sorrow. Born in the post-80s, we always feel born at the wrong time. Let's say that the post-70s do not need money to go to college, we are not blessed after 80. The nine years of compulsory education after 90, we also seem to enjoy after 80, but our nine years of compulsory education as usual to pay the sky-high tuition fees. 70 after the distribution of work, to our 80 you do not even think about, to the community with a grab are college students, who also gave you the distribution ah. 90 after childhood, they have so many toys, we do not have after 80. 90 after the commute to school have The 90s have a small car to pick up and drop off, we 80s want to have a bike to pick up are good, most of them are walking oh.

  But we should know after 80, bad cards also want to play a good result. After 80 step by step over, we know no work distribution so more efforts, we know no huge family property can inherit so hard to start a business, many people failed, but there are many people succeeded.

  The cards are dealt well naturally is to play cards

  The growth of the post-80s, between the post-70s and post-90s, can be said to be more than before than after the lack. Although the post-80s environment in the post-70s has improved, in education in the post-80s parents may not spend time in the post-70s. There is no comparison with the post-90s, the post-90s have successful mothers and fathers, and they have what they want, just like the sun and the moon are picked off. But we firmly believe that after 70 you are out, after 90 you are still young, we 80 just right.

  After 80 love, in my impression, after 80 than after 70 open than after 70 bold, not too shy to express it. If compared with the 90s, we are slightly inferior, not as revealing as they are, not as frequent as they change objects, not as mainstream as they are, and not too many money transactions and promiscuity. Our 80's is a strong like and light love.

  The post-80s work is not easy to find. 70 people do not have too many employment opportunities to choose from, so it is not so high not low. 80 we are, in fact, a lot of employment opportunities, but to find a good job is not good to find. It's ridiculous to have to listen to post-90s orders when you go to work. post-90, some of them didn't finish junior high school and took a break to find a job, mixing and mingling, better than us, the post-80s who just graduated. We do not have experience, but have a frame; we do not have the skills but have a temper. I think at this point we have to learn like the post-90s, or we will be in a high not low position, in Chaozhou - does salt not salty, do vinegar not sour? Put down your posture, just graduated from the inexperienced 80s.

  After 80's family, I do not know if you have found, there is a strange phenomenon ah. 70's mostly married, 80's partly married, married that part is 80-83 and 87-89, strange is 84-86 married on less. 80's we have too many leftover men and women, whether we really should put down those pretensions to love a, to get married? We always think that the material conditions are not very mature so feel a little early to get married, we always feel that the burden of marriage is too heavy, and still want to play for two more years. We always look at the polarized light, brothers and sisters we should not look back at their own ah. Perhaps we really should let go of all the restraints, boldly go to love a. There will always be bread, but not the kind that can never be eaten. The house and car we can also have, but not necessarily now oh.

  I feel that we are in the 80s, which at this stage is very advantageous. We should make good use of these advantages, even if we can not get a good hand, we also want to play a little bit of power oh.

  When you get a bad hand of cards, sometimes really want to stop playing, but our life still has to go on. So we should know how to use our hands of cards, try to make ourselves lose a little less, more to win, to win justifiably.

  Life is like playing poker - bad cards also want to play a good result oh, I hope that whether it is after 70 or 80 or 90, we have to give strength, no matter what cards we get to play a good result.


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