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Pakistan Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Accotech is a professional employer organisation in Pakistan that exists solely to make it easier for businesses to grow their teams on a global scale. And if you're thinking about forming a team in Pakistan, our PEO services can help.

By Munnazir zarinPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Accotech in Islamabad

Pakistan Global PEO

Of course, when it comes to hiring new employees for your company, you want the best. And, given the wealth of technology at our disposal, there is nothing stopping you from hiring employees from all over the world.

Why does it matter where your team is based if we're all working from home anyway?

It does, however, matter from a legal standpoint. A lot.

In fact, hiring employees from all over the world is extremely difficult... unless you work with a PEO.

Accotech is a professional employer organisation in Pakistan that exists solely to make it easier for businesses to grow their teams on a global scale. And if you're thinking about forming a team in Pakistan, our PEO services can help.

We assist you in seamlessly onboarding, paying, and managing an international team while adhering to local labour laws and staying out of trouble.

Let's start with the fundamentals.

What exactly is a PEO?

PEO stands for professional employer organisation, and it is a company that exists solely to assist other organisations in hiring employees all over the world. A PEO is a service provider who can manage your global workforce's human resources. They'll handle payroll, find and distribute adequate benefit packages, and make sure your company adheres to all local labour regulations.

If you need to hire a new employee or contractor in Pakistan but can't handle the logistics on your own, a PEO can assist. PEOs will handle all of the time-consuming tasks, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business. There will be no more getting bogged down in paperwork and international tax law!

By partnering with a PEO, you can expand your organisation by hiring the best candidates regardless of where they are located. You can assemble a global team of remote workers from all over the world, including Pakistan.

What are the advantages of utilising PEO services in Pakistan?

Working with a PEO in Pakistan is a valuable asset for any ambitious business, as you'll see. It has the potential to open many doors and allow you to grow... with far fewer headaches. This is how.

Hire from the best Pakistani talent — and beyond.

Assume you're looking for a new team member. You find the ideal candidate who checks all the boxes and would be an excellent fit for the company... However, they are based in Pakistan, whereas you are not.

It was once nearly impossible to hire employees from outside your country – or even your city! A PEO removes geographical boundaries, allowing you to hire the best of the best no matter where they are.

Pakistan is the world's fifth most populous country, with a growing economy that many multinational corporations are starting to explore. Businesses in Pakistan can use a PEO to tap into the local talent pool and hire the best candidates.

Make yourself a globally competitive employer.

A business cannot exist without employees. And they deserve to be fairly compensated. As a global employer, keeping track of award rates and typical benefits packages around the world can be difficult.

When you work with a PEO, however, they will handle all of that for you. Your Pakistan PEO will know exactly what to offer to attract the best talent.

Save money on unnecessary expenses.

Assume you want to hire in Pakistan but do not want to collaborate with a PEO. Not only would you need to hire in-house HR personnel to manage your global workforce, but you'd also need to hire someone who is familiar with local Pakistani labour laws to administer payroll and ensure compliance.

That is going to add up quickly!

Many global corporations have established branches in Pakistan as a result of the country's economic growth over the last decade. Pakistan could be a good option if you're looking for a global market to expand into. Having staff members who live in the country is also a valuable asset for gaining in-depth knowledge.

Furthermore, you will be well-positioned to expand into other Asian markets.

Avoid establishing your own legal entity in Pakistan.

If a company does not want to work with a PEO but still wants to hire employees in Pakistan, they must establish a legal entity in the country. Sounds easy, but in practise it's anything but.

To resolve any issues, it can take months of hard work, a team of lawyers, a lot of fees, and the cost of flights back and forth. It would only be a cost-effective option if you planned to set up an entire team of workers in Pakistan.

However, using a PEO eliminates the need to establish your own legal entity. Many PEOs will already have a legal entity in Pakistan that you can use for your own business. Your employees work for the PEO on paper, but in practise, you assign them job roles and daily responsibilities at your company.

Learn about different cultures.

Working at a global company allows you to get outside your bubble and form relationships with people who have completely different worldviews. That's fantastic for innovation.

At the same time, when doing business abroad, it is critical to understand the impact of cultural differences. As your partner, your PEO will keep you up to date on the various cultural practises that apply to employers in Pakistan.

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