Painting Without a Purpose

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This is why you should paint—regardless of skill, knowledge, or status.

Painting Without a Purpose

Painting and the Importance

Painting is one of the oldest and most unique ways that humans have expressed themselves throughout history. Some of the most well known paintings of history can be found in museums, in protection, and even on chapel walls. This ongoing appreciation for such a specific form of artwork can definitely discourage those who’d like to keep the culture of paint going. As we’ve all heard, many artists often have a sense of hatred or deficiency towards their work. With that being said, here’s why you should continue painting, or even begin.

Today’s Society

In today’s society, we are constantly integrating with technology. This technology often misdirects intelligent and creative minds. Artists don’t need Pinterest, Instagram, or any other platform for their inspiration. Therefore, when looking to those platforms for inspiration you may develop “artist’s block.” There are still so many artists with such beautiful and outstanding ideas, when these ideas aren’t put to use, there is truly a missing piece to the next upcoming history book, museum, and possibly bedroom wall.

Now, most people have heard, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” This still completely applies and absolutely, always will. You don’t have to be well known, organized, influenced, or even a prodigy to create something spectacular. Even if you’ve never drawn, never touched a paint, or anything of that nature, you should always try your best to bring the slightest idea to life.

Painting for You

When painting, you will find many obstacles within yourself often being shown through your canvas and paint. This is a way to overcome personal problems or events in your life, think of painting as symbolism. There are events in each one of our lives that we all need to overcome. In my personal opinion, this is one significant way to meditate on that subject. Along with the symbolism of painting, painting in general can be an excellent stress reliever. Express your emotion through color, splashes of thick paint, thin brush strokes, etc. One of my personal favorite qualities of painting, is no matter how hard you try, you can never create the same piece twice. This can be compared to “once in a lifetime” events. Learn to let go, learn to create, and realize the worth of this meditation and creation.

What if I don’t know how?

If you’ve never picked up a paint brush in your entire life, or haven’t since you elementary school years, I suggest you do now. As I said before, nobody expects you to be the next Bob Ross, or even Pablo Picasso! That being said, if you’re afraid to pick up a paint brush, that’s okay. There are activities like string painting, using stencils, or even paint splattering that can be relieving and still come out looking just as amazing.

Don’t try to outline!

When you decide to begin painting, or even continue, my suggestion to you: Do not outline! When you create a specific outline for your work, you’re putting all of your ideas into a box. Doing so can cause frustration, worry, and possibly even an unfinished project. Let yourself and your paint, “go with the flow.” When doing so, you will see for yourself the unrepeatable element you’ve put into your artwork.

What if I can’t force myself?

If you find yourself laying in bed, thinking of everything you could be doing and not knowing why you can’t do it, sit up. Think of your favorite three colors, go get the supplies, and stare at it. Once you've collected the necessities for painting and given them to yourself, you’ll feel more inclined to just do it. Keep in mind, painting doesn’t always include a brush or expensive canvas: but a will to do so. Also keep in mind, your painting doesn’t have to please anyone, depict something specific, or even be understandable. Paint for you, your sanity, and your unborn ideas.

What to do once you’ve finished.

At the end, you may think to yourself, “What now?” Well, now you have plenty of options. You could never look at your artwork again, hang it on your wall, paint over it to restart, or even give it away. No matter what you do, put your pen name, or name on the piece of artwork before you decide what you’d like to do with it. Doing this may give you a sense of pride in what you’ve created, which is very important in order to make future pieces. At the point you’ve found yourself finished, it is ultimately up to you the next step.

Appreciate yourself.

In conclusion, painting isn’t a perfect process. Painting is more than being an expert, knowing what you’re doing, or even keeping your artwork. Painting is a way to learn about yourself and your very own tendencies. Additionally, painting is an effective way to meditate, create, and express. Do yourself a favor and just try. If the first try doesn’t go as planned, keep trying, and try again.

Analyce Hennessey
Analyce Hennessey
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