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Our 2011 Family Christmas Party

And thank God I managed to pull through!

By Sid MarkPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Our 2011 Family Christmas Party
Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

I am referring to our Christmas party – a party with four attendees including me as the emcee. It was our traditional family Christmas party which my three kids and I hold every Christmas Eve. We are now on our third year of doing this family tradition.

It was actually started back in 2001 (or 2002?) by my wife, and my three kids were so much smaller then. She was then the host and I would be joining in the games. And we continued to do it every year since then, until “she went home” with Our Creator in early 2008.

As part of keeping her memory alive with us, we continued with the tradition of holding our Christmas party with me now taking over the hosting chores. The first time in 2008, I was awkward with lots of pauses and dead ends in between. So in 2009, I made a program which made the flow of the party smoother, and was so much better in 2010.

Reaching Christmas of 2011, I was a bit down due to some personal problems, unfortunately. I was almost out of zest to continue. But I wouldn’t want to let my wife down, and definitely don’t want to disappoint the kids. So, I slowly gathered myself. Little by little, I was able to pick-up the pieces.

At the afternoon of December 24, I started working. Making sure I already have the much needed items – food for the Noche Buena, games’ paraphernalia, prizes, and program. Actually, I didn’t have a program. But hosting it for three years now, I managed to pull a fast one – I used last year’s program and inserted some deviations along the way.

The result – a happy, exciting, enjoyable, and memorable Christmas party which the kids and I shared.

Edgar won the longest sound contest while Ralph is the undisputed polvoron eating contest champion for three years in a row now. Omitted, upon the request of the kids, was the funniest face game. As a twist, I asked them to host a game each, which I just announced during the party itself.

Angel hosted a tricky question and answer game that we never understood. Edgar hosted charade where I was banned by Angel because I was always the first one to answer, and Ralph hosted a reverse-bingo type game using the letter of our names. But since we all have almost the same letters, nobody won his game which forced me to give a prize to all of them. I also gave each of them a reward for hosting a game.

For the intermission numbers in-between games, Edgar sang a song, accompanying himself on the guitar while Ralph sang a Capella, giving his own rendition of Depeche Mode’s Somebody. As expected, Angel performed a dance number to another K-pop tune, the title and singer of which, I have no idea.

Then the candy and coin scramble followed where they gamely dived on the floor to get the candies and coins I was throwing. After the scramble, we proceeded to the dining table where we shared our food for the Noche Buena.

After eating, we went back to the living room for the revelation of our “monito-monita” which turned out to be an exchange gift, literally. Angel drew the name of Edgar while Edgar drew Angel’s name. Ralph and I drew each other’s name.

Compared to last year, I bought my kids cheaper gifts this Christmas. Fortunately, they didn’t mind and appreciated what I gave each of them during the last part of our program.

It was fun and exhausting, but it gave me a sense of fulfillment… and assurance that my kids are willing to continue this tradition for a long time.


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