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Original Ideas Recycled Material

by Mike Fallek 2 years ago in humanity
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Art is a waste if you don't do it right

Big Weasel Lil Weasel

In entering this contest I have made the hugest efforts to prove I am original and my studio makes original films. For example, this hilarious one:

I have committed to not only creating as many parody videos about other fake companies to prove how great Big Weasel Lil Weasel is. Not only that, but these films inspired and created for the Pay it forward challenge have been seen and liked by over 100,000 people in order to show our commitment to being a studio that more people need to be entertained by.

As I have said originality is not enough nowadays. I think that commitment to our planet is important. My work itself has proven I work to help the world: my initiatives to get exposure to under represented groups in entertainment (i.e. a whole year of only having women guests on my professionally sponsored podcast in reaction to a shortage of women in comedy), my work on pet history and animal rights (documentaries about how animals become pets, how the goldfish bowl problem still exists, and too many to list here.

But words are cheap. Lots of people say that they want to help the world; my work proves my commitment but this film shows how re-using and saving materials is essential to adapt to the world as a responsible artist:

Spiders Will Eat Your Face—a documentary done in stop motion aimed at tweens to educate them on pet history.

Description: How have Tarantulas become a pet in the U.S.A.? How is something like that allowed, legal, or safe? This original American practice of keeping Tarantulas has its roots in the Wild West, a U.S. government waging war on Mexico, racial relations, and even the great Louis Pasteur. Told in stop motion, Mike Fallek meets experts, dealers, and collectors who show you how the world of Spiders works.

Hamsters The History—also pet history. This film is frequently reviewed as mind blowing, not only because of its charm and artistic style but because it changes how you will see the world.

Description: You've probably seen a Hamster but how many of these questions can you answer: Are there wild Hamsters? Are Hamsters from America? When did Hamsters become pets? Why is the Hamster a popular pet? Why are Hamsters so easy to buy? Are Hamsters Domesticated? How do Hamsters show their emotions? What do Hamsters do? Do Hamsters live in groups? What is the biggest Hamster? Filmmaker Mike Fallek could not answer any of these questions when he started this movie. This lack of knowledge on one of the most common pets in the world inspired Mike to get all the answers and then some in this award winning film. Join Mike in a world of stop motion to explain the true History of one of the most important and weirdest pet in the world.

Big Weasel Lil Weasel LLC Resume

13+ years in the world of art, comedy, and entertainment, starting in stand-up at the age of 16. I transitioned these interests into a degree from NYU Film School Tisch-Kanbar School of Film and Television with a specialization in Children’s animation (specialty in comedy and stop motion). I was the Executive Editor of the Children’s Television Program for one year and was nominated for a student academy award as co-lead animator and fabricator on the student film ‘Girl in the Chair.’

I formed my company Big Weasel Lil Weasel LLC where I create, produce, and take on client projects in an array of categories.

Professional Highlights:

-My self-produced podcast ‘Hackthought’ has been on the What’s Hot list, New and Noteworthy lists, as well as the top 200 ranking on Apple Podcasts.

-My stop-motion children’s documentaries about the history of pets ‘Hamsters: A History’ and ‘Spiders Will Eat Your Face’ were reviewed by the School Library Journal and are available in libraries as educational resources.

-I have made commercials for:

  • Daymond John (of FUBU/Shark Tank fame)
  • Carmex (lip balm)
  • Peatix (event tickets website)

…among others

-Named an Emerging Artist by the Cambridge Art Association

-Featured in Esquire UK article ‘An Aural History of the Podcast’ (2019) along with my documentary about small podcasts.

See the video explaining why we should win this contest:


Other videos inspired by this contest:


About the author

Mike Fallek

Documentarian, Voice Actor, Podcaster, Sculptor, Animator, Pet Historian, Journalist, Bostonian. Hackthought Podcast

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