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Operations Management

by Eric Sutherland 2 years ago in industry
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Operations Management
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The platform message should be that questions are curated, and this aims to stop repeated questions that make no sense. Example "I have an idea" or "Why don't VCs respond to me". Both are not worth answering and distract users from helping. The phrasing of questions is essential.

Question: How do I decide on my corporate structure. Answer: The IRS website explains the different types of companies from self-employed to incorporated (Inc.). Incorporated companies have shareholders and increase their number of shares before being listed on a Stock Exchange, allowing people outside of the company to buy and sell their shares.

Question: I don't know what I want to do for work. Answer: Write down your hobbies and interests. For example, Have you tried to build a car or machine? Then look for an apprenticeship or trainee role in an engineering company. Are you interested in traveling, then look at working in a Travel company or joining the Airforce?


It is another site that needs to get curation to improve its quality! My car or Engine dead. Both are not worth answering and distract users from helping. Question: The gears in my car keep slipping, <make>, <model>, and <year>. Answer: Google your Question and read the responses, when you find the Manual that matches your car download the Manual and search it using your Question. Then read the description on how to fix it. Question: The Whirlpool Washing Machine does not work at any program position <model>, and <year>. Answer: Change the fuse in the power plug. If that does not fix it, take the back off and check the wiring to the Program Switch looks OK. Next, check the drum belt is alright and not slipped off.

Complaint: It has been over a year, and still, the service for paid users has not expanded to the UK as promised.

Proofreading and editing projects

Some projects require corrections due to saying the same thing twice or not completing the sentence or paragraph ending. Three Study books on Thinking, Logic, and Constructive Feedback presented exciting challenges. Reading paragraphs two or three times to get the flow right and check it agrees with the section or chapter content.

Other book projects have repeated sections or chapters or only headings but no text. Then other people expect a full explanation of each correction on books from 10,000 to 100,000 plus words. Use track changes in MS Word or the new Compare documents Tool in Google Docs.


Large organizations and government departments fail on using a template with a sample layout below:

Title: Function

Background: regulation requires it.

Why is this Policy required: Regulation approved by lower and upper house committees and then each house.

Description of subject matter: with sub-titles and descriptions



End Users: Company level and activities licensing identifies them.

Country or State:

Organization or Industry Sector:

Audits at Implementation and Quarterly reported to house committees.

Policy Explanations

Use the organization and department family trees to map the Policy to each role. Used for training and communicating the Policy to management, staff, and end-users.


Change Policy to Proposal or Tender in the template and use it.

Audit Template

Operational elements

Operation Dashboards

Support Dashboards

End-User Feedback

Country or State


Audit Spreadsheet Analysis and Dashboard

Audits at Implementation and Quarterly reported to house committees.

Big Tech Schock

New employees from Asia have different political views. They have refused to work on government contracts and protested publically. They might be academically bright, but Big Tech failed to check their political opinions.

Agile Projects

Projects don't seem to see the need for input from developers to enable Technical Writers to document the application modules. If you have four teams with team leaders, they should be gathering information daily and passing it on. Otherwise, how can it be documented and test sets per module or part of it to discover how they work and if they don't flag it and add it to the bug report?

Single Source Writing Tools

Require script and software development skills to be able to use them and produce the required deliverables. This takes the writer a month of unpaid full-time work to learn. Fortunately, they are all not the same, and some are more user friendly. Now there is nearly one for every day of the month. So a lot of the Tool companies are offering 30-day free trials. Companies will have trouble finding people who have any experience of using them.

Document Management Systems

There were Documentum and SharePoint, and now there is a growing number. But still less than Single Source Writing Tools. New products for Virtual Team working with many people working from home. The first two have web interfaces so that remote users can use them.

FinTech and MedTech

Both of these types of companies have lots of regulations to comply with. For the last FinTech project, drafted 40+ policies, all of them requiring Board review and approval. The need for a Compliance and Governance Director to manage their operation and reporting and auditing. Five spreadsheet dashboards and five people monitoring data collection to ensure reporting are compliant. An application for AI/ML with a virtual model running the dashboards, and doing the verbal dialog, and only requiring one Compliance Analyst.

Technical Writer Job Description

Job Title: Senior Technical Writer – AI Startup

Location: London

Salary: £50,000 to £80,000 depending on experience, plus benefits including share option scheme, pension scheme, 32 days paid holiday, MacBook pro, regular team outings, fruit and snacks in the office.

Comment: Great package.

AI Startup

Exciting AI startup is seeking a talented technical writer to join their growing team. Having gone through Series A funding and multiple high-profile backers, they are in a period of exciting growth. Their product is an enterprise platform leveraging AI and machine learning (ML) to provide accurate and robust predictions for businesses in financial services and other sectors. They are a collaborative and friendly team of high caliber professionals, many of whom come from Ph.D. and technical backgrounds. The Senior Technical Writer will be joining this forward-thinking AI startup at an early stage of their journey, with lots of scope for growth, development, and making a tangible impact.

Comment: Company profile looks exciting.


The Senior Technical Writer will report to the CEO and will work within an expert interdisciplinary team.

Design and execute the pipeline of content.

Collaborate with engineers and scientists to design research and generate ideas.

Create messaging and communications to demonstrate the value of the platform across a range of industries.

Comment: The middle one represents the real challenge, and it's being honest.

About You

You'll be a reliable writer with a technical background and understanding, looking for a strategic yet hands-on role within a hugely exciting AI startup.

Skills and experience needed for the Senior Technical Writer role:

Data science or technical background

Excellent communications and writing skills

Commercial writing experience

Ability to understand and transform technical content on topics like modeling and AI

Ambition and drive

Comment: The fourth one needing the other skills to support and help delivery.


Technology is providing high interest and challenging Senior Technical Writer roles.


About the author

Eric Sutherland

Lived and worked throughout Western Europe and USA.

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