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One Simple Thing That Sets You Apart From Other Job Recruiters

Here's a sample answer if you are ever asked this question, dear recruiter

By Chau TrieuPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
One Simple Thing That Sets You Apart From Other Job Recruiters
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I recently signed a full-time contract with an NFT startup to be their content writer.

I didn't intend to take the job due to how unfamiliar I am with the industry.

But I did anyways. And one huge reason contributing to my offer acceptance was the recruiter. Let's call her Lily.

She was the nicest and most genuine out of all the headhunters I've met in the last three years of job search.

How did Lily set herself apart?

Right from the beginning, she was honest.

Before my interview with the company's chairman, Lily let me know that the chairman was a nice person, but he would act difficult to see how I would react. She encouraged and assured me that things would go well if I stayed calm and true.

This made me feel more comfortable opening up afterward.

She was genuine when she asked for my feedback.

After the interview, Lily texted asking how it went and how I felt about it.

I replied saying while I had learned a lot about the company and the position, I felt a bit uncomfortable when the chairman kept pushing me to give him a brief answer when it was not my strong suit.

She responded:

"Thank you for being frank with me. I completely understand. You're not the first one to say that. I hope you wouldn't take that to heart though. It's the way we work here, everything has to be fast, concise and accurate. It might be surprising at first, but I believe that once you get used to it, you'll see that we are a no-BS, result-oriented and efficient startup who value your time as much as you value ours."

It was amazing to meet someone so straightforward, considerate, and was not dismissive of the applicant's emotions.

She provided me with all the information I needed to make a decision.

Not only did Lily reply to all of my burning questions, she also introduced me to people who had the answers she didn't.

Thanks to her, I got to know nearly all of the marketing team before signing the contract. After a few conversations, I was in awe of how open, learned and progressive they were. I thought that was a team I'd want to be part of.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but not many companies do that.

This whole application process felt like a virtual open day and it was such a refreshing experience.

But what truly set this recruiter apart for me was that she honestly cared.

When we had to schedule the interview, I told her that I had to go on a family trip until May 2 so May 3 worked for me. Lily said she'd book the interview for May 5 because she believed I needed time to rest and do my research, which I really did.

Before sending me the offer letter, Lily wanted to have a chat with me to discuss further about my expectations. Unlike other recruiters who would ask about my availability for a call, Lily sent me a message:

"Let me know if you're comfortable with having a call."

This moved me deeply as an introvert who dreads phonecalls.

It's Lily's attention to these small details that impressed me the most.

The fact that she wouldn't be able to do so if she hadn't cared and a couple of other things made me decide to go back to the 9 to 5 life without further hesitation.

The world needs more Lilies.

I've seen it too many times.

You get in touch with a headhunter. They give you an assignment and/or schedule an interview. If you're in, congrats, I'll contact you whenever I need some documents. If you're out, adios, you will not be hearing from me.

Some would argue that genuine care only exists in SMEs. But I got to the final round of interviews at some huge corporations and even when there was only a handful of candidates, the recruiters couldn't show one ounce of appreciation.

Sometimes, it's better to show your human side instead of just following protocols.

Sometimes, you make all the difference just by showing that you care.

I'll leave you with this…

"Recruiting, more than any other function, is built on human connection." - Erica Pepe, Recruitment Evangelist at Indeed


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