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On-demand food delivery app solution- Launch the just eat clone app and make your life easy.

On-demand food delivery app solution

By esther sylviaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
on-demand food delivery app solution

With the straightforward business model, online food ordering businesses are increasing their revenue day by day. The sole reason is convenience. With the given pleanty of menus the customer can easily order foods they want just by sitting in their comfort places at their home. The restaurants are benefited by wide exposure & the admin of those businesses earns through service fees. Eat Treat has all the simplest of the simplest features to start out a web food ordering business instantly.

Eat Treat (Just Eat Clone) is an online food delivery script with many enticing features. eaTreat is straightforward and convenient to experience user-friendliness. This app comes with highly scalable and good quality script and this has been the reason for its uniqueness. The foremost important trait is that our clone script is reliable and customizable consistent with the business requirements. Undeniably eaTreat will meet all the wants to commence your online food ordering business.

Wait a second, are you a thinking of a start-up in the relative field. Then are certain things that you should know about. So let’s discuss that’s first then we will go in detail of the app.

Most of food ordering apps work as food ordering platforms where the user searches for the favorite restaurants, flick through the menu and eventually place the order. Generally, there are three segments in online food ordering from a restaurant like ordering, cooking and delivering food. Of these components are used and formulated into three business models for many of the successful food ordering apps within the present world.

Order the sole model:

Online food ordering apps like Just Eat, Grub hub, and Delivery Hero usually follow this idea. Here this acts as a software interface that allows to segregate the multiple orders coming at a time, this makes the work of restaurants owners so easy and simple.

Order and delivery model:

App almost like Foodpanda where the customer can view ratings and reviews of a specific restaurant or dish then can plan to place the order. This will help to deliver the ordered items in the quickest way possible.

Integrated model:

related apps like Fasoos has adopted the same model and has developed their type of delivery employees to deliver the food within the time-frame as mentioned by the customer.

Now let us go through some of the features.

Laravel Framework

By using object oriented libraries, the app experts of the company come up with a perfect admin panel using this framework. This feature has reduced many risky task of the admins and they love using it..

Instant Notification

Pop-up notification alert generates to send instant notifications to the Users, Drivers, and Admins.

Live Location Tracking

Both the customers and admins can track their driving partner’s current location to make the work easier.

Payment Services

This app has multiple payment options and that helps the suers to select the mode of payment according to their wish..

Promo Codes

App comes with many promo codes for specific users or even during some festive seasons for the customers’ and businesses good.

Want to know how you can be successful in this market?

Developing a food ordering and delivery apps almost like Just Eat/Zomato/Swiggy then on needs tons of your time and efforts. Having an honest idea and lack of technical knowledge to implement your plan then it’s better to believe a ready script or maybe you'll found out a web food ordering apps in minutes by using online food ordering and delivery clone script. The web food ordering apps clone scripts are designed and developed with all the features of food ordering apps which may be easily customized and fine-tuned consistent with the wants.

Want to know some tips to grow your business?

  • Build your customer database
  • No frustrations ordering
  • Crush your competition
  • 24/7 order support
  • Good customer service
  • More scalable model
  • Instant go live


Out of many on-demand app, an app that people crave and never feels it is too many, is the food delivery app. App Like Just Eat is one of the app that is highly recommended and has updated with more safety measures needed for the time. So if you want to set your business in this field by launching an app contact the concerned app developing company.


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esther sylvia

Esther have been working as an block chain research analyst in TurnkeyTown for the past two years. With over five years of experience in this field, and help customers to build apps according to their business and technical plans.

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