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Oil and Gas Investment Company

by Paul Walker about a year ago in business
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Oil Investments Opportunities

A leading oil and gas investment company in New York, specialising in a range of unique oil & gas opportunities. To explore current investments that are available, get in touch with us today.

Our team of investment experts are on hand to create tailored oil and gas investment plans for our clients and we’ve been doing so successfully for over 15 years. But what is oil and gas investment? Let’s take a look at the basics and see how investment in oil and gas can boost your portfolio, whether you’re new to the investment game or a veteran of the trade.

Oil Investment – Fact vs Fiction

There are a lot of common myths around oil as an investment opportunity, such as that we’re running out of it, that are completely untrue.

While oil has become less abundant around the world, that doesn’t mean that it’s becoming a bad investment. As we know, humans are an innovative bunch, so rather than oil reserves dwindling to extinction, we’ve just become better at finding and extracting it.

With new technologies and discoveries, the US currently produces 28% more oil than during the “peak of oil production” era of 1970. The USA also now holds the title of world leader in oil production, with a strong lead over Saudi Arabia, who come in at number 2.

Another popular misconception is that electric vehicles are making oil and gasoline obsolete.

We aren’t going to tell you that energy investment hasn’t been diversified over the past few years thanks to the introduction of EVs, but there is still a huge demand for oil in an investment capacity.

This is down to the simple fact that oil consumption isn’t decreasing, but is actually increasing in many countries around the world. With this consumption growth, the demand for crude oil has steadily continued to grow since 2006.

Not only this, but certain vehicles and machinery can only run on diesel and gasoline, such as trucks, heavy equipment, and machinery. This is in addition to plastic production, which is far from decreasing, and which uses gasoline as a key ingredient for manufacturing.

This makes investment in oil more than worthwhile and highly profitable for investors.

Alternative energy is another buzzword in the investment world, but the growth of these forms of energy doesn’t mean the deprecation of oil.

In fact, the situation at present is more of a case of alternative energy as well as oil and gas, rather than one or the other. This blows claims that alternative energy is overtaking oil investment out of the water, as in reality, there are lots of oil investment opportunities if you know where to look. Luckily for you, we do.

We have worked hard to establish strong relationships within the oil industry to give us an inside track on the opportunities available. Our team have seen it all before and can put you on a path to oil investment success with our tailored, personalized packages for each of our clients.

Gas Investment – Opportunity Awaits

Gas energy can be a tricky business to crack, but we can make the process as simple and straightforward as you need us to. As a source of energy, gas has consistently been reliable since the mid-1800s and it currently makes up a huge percentage of overall energy consumption around the world.

It is a mainstream commodity on the investment market and for good reason, as it is one of the more stable and opportunity-rich commodities you can invest in. With low cost assets, reduced production costs and various other factors taking precedence recently, there is currently a unique opportunity for innovation in the gas and oil investment market.

All of this adds up to the potential for high-yield returns if you invest wisely, and with Wall Street Investment Group, we can help guide you and provide information on how best to spread your investments to turn a profit.

Our partners within the industry are able to identify trends and with a diversification of your investment portfolio, and we can ensure a consistent cash flow and tax benefits as a result of investing smartly with gas and oil.


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