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Oh Nurse

by Yvette Grissett about a year ago in workflow
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Seen but Forgotten

Oh Nurse
Photo by Francisco Venâncio on Unsplash

When giving your all has nothing to do with you.

A health Care worker position can be the most rewarding experience you will ever have accomplish. Every little girl grows up wanting to be a nurse . While working in a hospital might appeal to a young mind, how she invisions herself putting on a white uniform and arriving at her job to do a great service. While all that seem to offer some profound respect to her consciousness and the rewarding pay check that she earns seems to be able to give her a sense of satisfaction but as she grows she soon learns that it never told her the truth about what it would take to be a nurse. As she found herself drifting to every call to every sense of urgency she feels the need to want to make the sick well again. Hours and days have passed she seem to be forgetting her very world the one that being a nurse actually is creating her fancy hot tub her nice bed that she sleeps in she hasn't seen the like of Home for days. Reflection of her self soon disappears and only Nurse is present. It is not an easy job to give of yourself ,to take time away from yourself to help make someone else life worth living. Life as you may know it becomes hazy and becomes dull as the duties of the role that she play takes over in her mind and body.

Giving up is never an option she took an oath and she must not let others down somehow you manage to find the strength to continue on more and more as the day goes by. She tells herself daily that she has made the right decision in her career that nothing possibly ever could make her regret becoming a nurse. She begins to reason If you are not aware of the requirements and the duties of a Nurse learning the skills alone will not equip you alone and that the responsible role that demands of you will have a role and will always be demanding of you. Well why would it not be? Its other people lives that you have assumed in this role that you have as a nurse. She manages to just pull herself into the seat of her car , when she is called back inside because every nurse is needed Now Due to a Pandemic that has its impact on the lives of the American people. Oh Nurse she hears as she returns to her station, Code blue , Stat , Nurse can you help me as she tries to put on her protective equipment. She never dreamed that a pandemic would hit during her career, She never knew how she would be the vital means of the world wide crisis. Oh Nurse

She reflects and looks at the time we have lived in during this Pandemic and really feel sorry for the Essential workers who have had to leave their Friends and Family just to deal with the emergence of the pandemic, some have lost their lives right along side others. Oh Nurse can you help me , did anyone remember to help Nurse? Do they even know who she is? ,Have they given her enough to sustain her life. She see first hand at what her duties a s a nurse has become , but all she know is that someone is depending on her to help save their life. This is not a Drill this is beyound her scope of training

can she do it will she be a survivor of this Pandemic it is all on the line.

Who is she? and what is her place , her responsible actions of loyalty to her duties as a nurse. she looks at faces without the uniform and she asks herself who are they?A she reasons real people with real lives who have dedicated their life to a career but being a nurse takes away your duties to family and give you other obligations to fulfill.

No smiling faces just mask everywhere people on ventilators and Code blue alerts through out the emergence of the city where she works needing to remove her mask for fresh air herself she runs to the window to get some fresh air and looks down below at the chaotic streets and gazes just straight across and there are trucks being loaded with the dead bodies of those who have died from Covid 19. She is afraid for her soul will she survive? , Do she now have what it takes to be at the frontline of this terrible encounterment that she never thought would happen during her time as a nurse. Complete lock down. In your mind Body and Soul Oh Nurse.


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