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No One Wants to Work Anymore

by Kathy Copeland Padden about a year ago in economy
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The lament of the robber barons

Must be willing to work for bupkis Photo by vectorstock

You know, I’m loving this “no one wants to work anymore” narrative created by end-stage capitalism enthusiasts. The truth is, “no one wants to pay a decent wage” is a far more accurate assessment of the situation. Capitalists blaming workers who refuse to work for starvation wages is the height of victim-blaming hubris.

Hey robber barons — maybe if you paid more than a pittance and offered decent benefits, you could attract potential employees. And most likely decrease your turnover rate to boot. You should also ask yourself why people prefer to scrape by on unemployment rather than slave for your bitch ass.

And cutting unemployment benefits is as futile as it is asshole-ish. You can’t starve people into working for you. The working poor are used to getting by on very little. Bullying people will get you the exact opposite result you’re hoping for. No one owes you their labor. If you want a dependable team, you best up your game.

This is all on you.

It’s not that “no one wants to work.” It’s that no one wants to work for you. There's a big difference. So get your shit together business owners, both large and small. The American people aren’t obliged to make you a nice living while being grateful for the privilege.

As Americans, we’ve been conditioned since birth to believe that we should all be thankful to rich people for employing us. Our very survival depends on their benevolence, so we best keep smooching their entitled, exfoliated asses.

You're all caught up.

You want your company to thrive? It’s pretty simple. Start paying people what they are worth. If you can’t, or won’t, then you have no business being in business, bud. Poor people don’t work to build your empire. They work to feed themselves and their families. If you can’t or won’t compensate workers properly, that’s all on you. Humans don’t exist to do your grunt work.

This country was built on the backs of the working class. But you’d think it was the elites judging by the disrespect shown to blue-collar working stiffs. Funny how they’re “essential” employees when Karen wants a coffee or a haircut during a pandemic, but they are the dregs of society when they demand a living wage.

Treat your employees with respect. Stop exploiting their socio-economic situations. Your workers are the reason you have that adorable little lake house. If you want to keep it, you better start treating the people who make it possible with dignity.

You need us a lot more than we need you. It’s time for corporate culture to act accordingly or deal with the consequences, such as people refusing to work for you and losing your business altogether. Employers are not entitled to our labor, no matter how much they think they are.

For a bunch that’s forever shouting how great the free market is, you sure whine a lot when that same market proves that you and your company are expendable. A free market certainly doesn’t guarantee you employees. Remember that bit about supply and demand? Yeah, that applies even if it’s not working in your favor. Still think unfettered capitalism is the bee’s knees?

Time to change your ways, Mr. or Ms. Business Owner. Austerity for the real wealth creators and opulence for the wealth hoarders is no longer considered “just the way it is.” The age of American serfdom is coming to an end. You can either adapt or lose everything. Your choice.

All that matters to a good American. Photo by Psychology Today


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Political junkie, history buff, and music freak spending the End Times alternating betweencrankiness and bemusement. Come along! It's fun!

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