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No Content? No Problem! How to Find Images to Post to Instagram

by Claire Petersen 2 months ago in business

Here's how to build your brand's Instagram feed by sharing the beautiful images that other users create.

No Content? No Problem! How to Find Images to Post to Instagram
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Disclaimer: Always, always share images in an ethical way! Credit the creator, and if in doubt, ask permission to regram the post.

If you're building a brand on Instagram, but you don't have a lot of original content to share, regramming is the way to go. By sharing images that fit your brand's aesthetic, you can build a loyal following, and hopefully find some new clients or customers too!

But how can you find images to share on your page? Here are three tips for doing just that...

1. Follow accounts in your niche

Perhaps the most obvious way to find images to regram to your own feed is to follow artists, graphic designers, photographers, and publications in your niche or theme. You can also follow accounts which post images that match the feeling you want to portray on Instagram

Let's look at an example. Say I am a realtor, and my target audience is potential first-time buyers. As well as following the big real estate Instagram accounts, I might also follow interior design accounts and influencers who share their own #interiorinspo. By sharing interior design inspiration, I would be showing potential home buyers how they could decorate their new home, and who knows? It could lead to them to working with me when they go to buy their first home.

2. Look through hashtags in your niche

There is probably a hashtag for your niche, and it is going to be a treasure trove of content. For instance, in our last example we had a realtor curating an Instagram feed of beautiful interior design. The hashtags they might look through include #interior123 and #interior4all.

Make sure to look through both the ‘top’ section, and the ‘recent’ section of the hashtags, as there can be gems in both.

Just remember that if a hashtag is very generic, there will be a lot of random accounts are using it, and you will be less likely to come across good, relevant content to share. For instance, with hundreds of posts going up with the hashtag #love, you are unlikely to find something shareable with there. But search through a more specific hashtag like #coffeelover, and hey presto you’ve found a photo of a hot mug of the good stuff to post to your feed.

3. Share User-Generated Content

This might not be possible for every account, especially when you’re starting out. But if you’re working for an established business, or if you have successfully encouraged Instagrammers to use your hashtag, you can rely on user-generated content to populate your feed.

User-Generated Content refers to images, videos, and graphics that have been created and shared by unpaid users. For instance, the clothing giant Topshop would get a lot of user-generated content submitted every day, as people share their outfits and tag them in the caption, in the photo, or use the brand's hashtag #TopshopStyle.

So if you have a brand hashtag, be sure to keep an eye on it for content to share. And if you don’t yet have people tagging images with your brand’s hashtag, make sure to include the hashtag in your bio and in your captions to encourage people to use the hashtag.


There you have it! Those are the main ways to find images to share. As you are finding these images, don’t forget to press the save button on Instagram so you don’t forget the images you want to share.

If you want to get really organised, you can hold down the save button, as this will give you the option to save the post in a folder. So if you’re curating an account with multiple themes—perhaps you are alternating between sharing inspirational quotes and aspirational lifestyle images—you can have one folder for the quote graphics and another for the imagery.


For more Instagram tips, check out my Skillshare class on How to Create Beautiful Instagram Stories: IG Secrets & Hacks to Up Your Story Game. There's 14-day free trial for new users with that link too!

Claire Petersen
Claire Petersen
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