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New Mexico License Plate 2022

When choosing their license plates, New Mexico drivers have an abundance of alternatives at their disposal - so many that it can actually be confusing.

By License LookupPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
New Mexico License Plate

Your vehicle's license plate serves more than just as a means of identification. They give you a low-cost option to customize the appearance of your car. What’s more, you can use license plates to promote a cause that is dear to your heart.

When choosing their license plates, New Mexico drivers have an abundance of alternatives at their disposal - so many that it can actually be confusing. We've made a guide to New Mexico license plates. Continue reading to find out why you need license plates, your options, and how to obtain the plates of your desires in New Mexico.

Why do I need a New Mexico license plate?

Essentially, license plates act as identification tags for your car. In the event of an accident, license plates might help identify the responsible party. Additionally, if your vehicle is stolen, police will be able to find it with the help of your license plates.

How can you obtain a vehicle title, registration, and license plate in New Mexico? To know more, check out New Mexico License Plate website.

New Mexico requires you to always display your rear license plate. It's up to you what you put in the front license plate holder. The state provides a wide range of possibilities for modifying your license plates. For additional details on how to choose the best license plates for you, keep reading!

How can I obtain a New Mexico license plate?

In New Mexico, getting license plates isn't that difficult. All you have to do is register your car and send the necessary paperwork and fees.

You must register your car in person at an MVD field office if you are registering for the first time. Online, by mail, or in person are many options for renewing your registration.

Keep in mind that specialty plates can need an annual renewal charge. The state of New Mexico requests your help in recycling your license plates if you are leaving the state by mailing them in or bringing them back to an MVD field office.

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Odometer report, dealer invoice, and certificate of origin;
  • Proof of two state residency and identity;
  • Proof of auto insurance;
  • Licensing and registration fee;
  • Proof of emission certificate inspection is required if you live in Bernalillo County;
  • A power of attorney, if needed.

However, in addition to the paperwork listed above, you will undoubtedly need a few more if you are registering a used car.

  • Vehicle title certificate;
  • Disclosure statement for the odometer;
  • A sales receipt, proof of a trade-in or a dealer invoice;
  • Information on lienholder and lien release.

Which license plates are used in New Mexico?

There are three major categories for New Mexico license plates:

  • Standard plates, or your usual red and yellow license plates, are those that the state issues without any additional paperwork or costs.
  • Plates that raise awareness for causes such as autism research, child adoption, and pollinator conservation.
  • For vehicles other than cars, such as motorcycles and horseless carriages, special license plates are given.

Standard license plates for Nex Mexico

Red and yellow plates: These classic plates feature the red of the state's desert and the yellow of the New Mexico sun.

Plates, which are black and yellow, plaques commemorate the 100th anniversary of New Mexico.

New Mexico is the world's capital of chilli, and the state is so proud of this fact that it offers drivers spiky, chilli pepper-themed license plates.

New Mexico special interest license plates

Organ donor: For a price of $12, you may raise awareness of New Mexico's urgent need for organ and tissue donations.

Breast cancer awareness: The $37 cost of this plate includes a $25 donation to the New Mexico Department of Health for the purpose of funding breast cancer screening, education, and awareness.

The fabled Route 66 cuts through northern New Mexico. Unfortunately, the federal government is no longer responsible for maintaining it, thus, $25 of the $37 cost of this license plate will go toward preserving and reviving historic Route 66.

Collegiate: If you attended a state college or university in New Mexico, you can get a license plate that features the colors and logo of your school.

Pollinator Protection: They initially cost $25. Then $15 each year for renewing. $15 of the initial price is allocated to pollinator preservation efforts like plant planting, informational signs, and demonstration gardens, and $10 is used to produce and issue the unique registration plate.

Special license plates in New Mexico

Horseless Carriage: If your car is at least 35 years old, is a collector's item, and is only used for displays and educational activities, you can get a horseless carriage license plate

If you meet the medical requirements set forth by your state, you may apply for a handicapped license plate, which will grant you access to parking spaces with specific designations.

If a member of your immediate family passed away while serving in the US Armed Forces, you may qualify for this unique license plate.

Amateur Radio Operator: If you are in good standing with the Federal Communications Commission and have an amateur radio license, you can get this specialty plate.

Patriot License Plate: Any patriot can purchase this license plate for $27. No evidence of patriotism is necessary. Out of the $27, $8 is used to increase veteran services.

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