My Writing Journey

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A Moment-by-Moment Blog of Sorts, Journey of My First Novel

My Writing Journey

My journey into writing...

This is my paper written journey through writing my first novel, about my struggles my victories; my hopes and dreams that linger in my head. I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Mary, I am 20-years-old and I'm normal. Yes, this is my desperate attempt to get you interested and read this page because, as I do consider myself fine financially I would prefer more breathing room and honestly to be able make money off of something I am relatively good at and love.

I also want to be brutally honest on this journey. I have many flaws as a writer, forgetful of basic tools such as spelling and grammar. Something I knew how to spell yesterday may not transfer itself into today and I just stare at the screen wondering how to spell "faucet." I have days where I can have an intellectual conversation and others where I forget the words that I am trying to say. But I "soldier on" as my father would say.

I'm not sure how this is going to turn out. I want to be able to say at the end of all of this that I made it. I reached my goal, I can share the world I have been keeping inside for others to enjoy. Also, I want you to like what I have to say or at least be willing to give wisdom and tips to a struggling artist.

Now, before you have any assumptions about me I want to state that I have a job. A good job, a fantastic job.

But... It's not what I want to do. I work for the state and honestly it's mainly eight hours a day doing paperwork, answering phone calls, and talking with my co-workers, who I am slowing seeing as extended family. Yes, I make decent money. I recently moved into a house me and my best friend are renting. I'm doing good. But I still can't shake this voice in the back of my head, this longing in my gut for something else.

I want to succeed. I want to strive forward and make this work. I suppose I'm writing this because writing is what I do best. I don't stutter when I type. I can see each word so clearly like a beautiful canvas. Hopefully you guys will actually stay and walk through this journey with me. :)

My Novel

To be honest I am terrible at summarizing things without giving away everything (that also translates into punch lines, terrible at spoken jokes). But I will try to show you my work so far.

I have been working on my current piece for four months. I have had other ideas in the past and always always always gave up. I have this voice in myself telling me "This is shit, this is shit, this is shit" and I can never seem to silence this voice, so I give up. But I am so in love with this story I am putting together that I so desperately want to drown it out. So here goes...

"My story is about a girl in a fantasy world, lets call her 'A'. 'A' the heroin has sett her main goal to find truth as she travels throughout her world finding her role in this ancient war among all the conflicts that constantly seem to find her. Her and her best friend 'T' find themselves involved in a religious takeover, and underground revolution, and somehow always end up in the hands of an acolyte group that still haven't shown yet if they are for the good of all, or just wants to watch the world burn. Along the way they find friends and enemies, finds that she herself isn't all that it seems and is wondering if all this chaos is all connected to an ancient story that has been twisted in time and humanities greed."

Whew! That wasn't so bad! Honestly this is hopefully going into a series of books. There is so much information that I am working on that it would be heartbreaking if I try and shove it all into one book. As I type these words I begin to realize that I might make the mistake with revealing my plot twists. In this case, I'll be very vague in the story and talk more about just the struggle of writing.

Mary Jones
Mary Jones
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