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Muhammad Hasan Lakhani - Professionals in Shipping Industry Dubai - Biography

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani has made his mark as one of the youngest professionals within the shipping industry that have left no stone unturned in bringing some landmark achievements and recognitions to his family and country

By Angel DiptiPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani has made his mark as one of the youngest professionals within the shipping industry that have left no stone unturned in bringing some landmark achievements and recognitions to his family and country. He is a proud owner of the famous motoring club that he launched during the graduation days and the same currently serves as the crucial hub for corporate event or related activity.

Muhammad Hasan Lakhani was born on August 29, 1991, and went on to finish up with his primary education at Mill Hill School in 2008. He then completed his graduation in Business, ICT, Geography and History from David Lang and Dick College, 2010. Later on, he joined Regents University London and grabbed the degree in BA Global Financial Management.

Early days and professional career

Hasan Lakhani Dubai has always been a bright student during his school days and further made his mark as an astonishing sportsman. He showed some great skills in tennis that made everyone awestruck. He seems like carrying the entire legacy in tennis from his great grandfather.

During the course of his primary education journey at Mill Hill School, Hasan Lakhani was handed over his school's tennis team’s captaincy. He further helped and supported the tennis coach in random tasks and activities like selecting the notable players, managing the practice sessions, and so on. It was all down to his efforts and skills that made him represent his school team in all of the sports tournaments.

Even while Hasan belonged to a strong family background, he still chose to work for random Multinational organizations to grab the required work experience and skills. Muhammad Hasan kick started his career with Gadget Crazy in 2009, an e-commerce firm that was engaged in the procurement of electronic goods from London. He showcased some brilliant business skills while gaining the required experience in managing and supervising e-commerce trading and delivery.

In 2017, Muhammad Hasan Lakhani decided to finish up with his internship at Dry Cargo Chartering + Offshore operations, a world-recognised vendor of incorporated shipping services. This is where he grabbed that ability to master the art of collating global connections and creation of international clients.

He carried through all his tasks and responsibilities with full efficiency and the same included the process to search for special offshore vessels and managing global market trends. And yes, he accomplished all these tasks with some unbelievable brilliance and excellence.

After getting through with his internship with the world's most renowned shipping service provider firm, Hasan Lakhani has lately become a highly experienced business professional with all the basic knowledge and futuristic vision

He is currently engaged with one of the other renowned shipping service provider firm and proving his mettle with all the determination and expertise. In all these years, he has become a perfectionist in crafting effective marketing strategies via high end IT infrastructure.


The Maritime Standard cricket team came out on top over the Rest of Shipping in the second TMS Cup encounter between the two sides. The match, held at the Ocean Fair cricket club in Dubai, was watched by a full house who were treated to some excellent batting, bowling and fielding performances by both teams.

The TMS team batted first and scored an impressive 95 in 15 overs, with a Man of the Match performance by Emile Bhatia top scoring with 39, an excellent performance on a pitch where the ball kept low. The TMS bowlers were then able to keep the dangerous Rest of Shipping batsmen in check, and they could only muster 71 off their allotted overs. Hussain Chakkiwala from the Rest of Shipping bagged 4 wickets in 3 overs to earn himself the best bowler award, and Emile won the best batsman award while Ana Senanayake won the best fielder award for his fabulous throw from the boundary to run out the dangerous Shavir Sidhwa.

After the game players and guests thoroughly enjoyed a BBQ at the club, where all the talk was about the next match, which will take place in November 2020. Trevor Pereira, managing director of TMS, said, “Last year we lost out to a good Rest of Shipping team so it was very satisfying to turn the tables this time. Everyone enjoyed themselves, which is the main thing, and we are already looking forward to next year!”


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