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Meet Aaryan Rai, one of World's youngest CEOs.

Here's the story of the kid who founded an IT company at age 14, which is potentially worth millions.

By Ethan BrownPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Aaryan Rai

Aaryan Rai is an Indian entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, IT professional, AI enthusiast, and an all-around tech wizard. He is the founder and CEO of AR Digital, an IT company.

But the catch is that he is just 15 years old. Yes, even I couldn't believe it. Aaryan has gained a strong passion for technology from a very young age, his curiosity for digital media and technology led him to the foundation of his tech firm, AR Digital.

Early Life

Aaryan was always fascinated by apps, software, and designs. By leveraging the internet, he became a self-taught, website developer, inbound digital marketer, graphic designer, artificial intelligence & ML researcher, IoT enthusiast, and whatnot.

While his peers were playing video games and stacking legos, this guy was building a foundation of a revolutionary tech company. Where on one hand the kids were chatting and chilling, on the other hand, Aaryan was busy networking with industry leaders. He carries an attitude of non-stop learning and adding value to himself and his work, which makes him impeccable.


Though he is gaining popularity now, the tech and business world needs no introduction for him. Aaryan is an icon to look up to, a perfect example of beating the odds. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India, who is working selflessly.

Aaryan is World's Youngest HubSpot Certified Professional, holding this title in India. He is certified in Inbound business administration and marketing by HubSpot.

He is the first Indian to be an International Email Marketing Champion, hosted by ConvertKit.

Aaryan has been a part of the Amazon India Smbhv summit 2021 as a partner, with all the industry leaders and got certified.

He was also a finalist in an Indian Infotainment program, India's future Tycoons.

Aaryan indeed is a pride for his country and his parents, he has always quoted that whatever he is, is because of his parents and teachers.


He founded his organization with a goal to redefine technology for the living world and making its best use for a sustainable future. Aaryan strongly idolizes Elon Musk as he has similar visions and desires, after seeing Aaryan's mind and actions, it wouldn't be wrong to call him a "Young Elon Musk".

Rai's firm, AR Digital is an IT company that offers technology and marketing-based solutions to scale brands and businesses. Their solutions range from Web development to digital marketing. The tech corporation has also been awarded by GoodFirms for the "Top IT Startup in web development and digital marketing".

The firm provides services like website development, IT consultation, digital marketing, graphic design, etc. Aaryan aims to make this company a 360 tech hub. He shares that the firm will soon offer solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, and other next-gen technologies.

When asked for his source of motivation, his answer would be,

"When the "Why" is clear, the "How" becomes easy." - Aaryan Rai Source: Instagram

What that genius believes is, that one does not need motivation unless he/she knows the reason why they're working, if one's goals are clear then that itself is motivation.


We need more Aaryans in this world, to understand the level of possibilities in life. Starting out small is okay but leading the way in the future is more important. Nothing comes overnight. There are many people especially teens who will just see Aaryan's success, but what is to be known is the amount of hard work, all those sleepless nights, downfalls, sacrifices, and struggles which have paid off for his success.

And as Aaryan always says "It's just the beginning...". He is just 15 and will surely reach greater heights.


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