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Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist, Massage Gun & Foot Massager | Massage Chair Recliners

In this article, we intend to bring in all of the massage-related information. Such as what is better when it comes to Massage Chairs vs Massage Therapists, what Massage Guns are the Best? And what are the Best Shiatsu Foot Massager?

By Ron freemanPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Human beings are not unaware of the significance of massage in different cultures. The origin of massage can be roughly estimated to be 5000 years old. In different civilizations, massage has been regarded as a holistic system of healing. However, massage techniques and methods have varied dramatically over time in different cultures. But the significance attached to it has never been undermined. In this article, we intend to bring in all of the massage-related information. Such as what is better when it comes to massage chairs vs massage therapists, what massage guns are the best? And what are the best Shiatsu foot massager?

Therefore, keep reading to get all your massage queries answered.

Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist

Following the centuries-old massage tradition, scientists were able to integrate this old tradition into modern-day machines. As a result, these machines could offer massage in contrast to the old traditional ways of giving a massage. Massage machines come in various forms, out of which massage chairs and massage guns are a few to name.

An average massage chair consists of a seat and backrest with the inbuilt rollers, heating mechanism, vibration modes, and a control pane or remote control. The person sitting in the chair has complete control over the massage options through the control buttons. Thus, a person having a massage chair can conveniently get a massage whenever wherever they want.

In contrast to a massage chair, a massage therapist is a person who practices massage. Traditionally known as Masseuse ( a female practicing massage) and currently recognized as a more gender-neutral term, i.e., massage therapist.

Massage therapists use the fingers of their hands and palms to give a massage. In some instances, the therapists may use additional essential oils or herbs depending upon the cultural origins.

When it comes to choosing between Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist, one should consider

1. Time Constraints

If somebody can not take out time to visit a massage therapist, then a massage chair would be an appropriate option.

2. Budget Constraints

A massage chair is a one-time investment; therefore, it might seem a bit costly than a massage therapist’s fee.

3. Purpose of Massage

If a person intends to relax after working a day-long, a massage chair can serve the purpose. However, if one needs to regain body balance, cure an injury, or improve mobility, visiting a massage therapist will be the right option.

This is because massage chairs do not offer maximum body coverage for massage. Although massage chairs do target the important body areas like the back, neck, pelvic floor, and foot but even the most advanced ones fail to cover body areas like the sides of the neck, the upper side of thighs, and arms.

Therefore, choosing a Massage Chair vs massage therapist primarily rests with the massage purpose and needs of a person.

Best Massage Guns

Akin to massage chairs, other massage equipments include massage guns. A massage gun is a handheld device that resembles a drill machine but has a ball-like structure attached to the gun’s tip.

Every massage gun differs in terms of vibration speed and intensity as it follows the percussion therapy mechanism that sends targeted vibration pulses to the muscle.

Numerous brands offer a great variety of Best Massage Guns with varying massage features.

Massage guns are best for use after a workout to cope with muscle fatigue. They are comparatively an inexpensive option as compared to massage recliners. Also, massage guns have great body coverage.

Best Shiatsu Foot Massager

Best Shiatsu Foot Massager gets its name from a famous Japanese massage technique, i.e., Shiatsu. As the name indicates, Shiatsu foot massager follows the Shiatsu principles for relaxing the foot and reducing tension among muscles.

The best Shiatsu foot massager works by manipulating the pressure points in the feet and by producing kneading and pulsing movements along the feet. Shiatsu foot massagers are electric devices that enable the user to put in their feet, and the rollers inside the massager manipulate the pressure points in their feet.

Foot massagers focus on massaging the feet only. Nevertheless, they are an excellent option for someone who has to cover long distances on foot. Besides, they make a good gift for the older people as well.

The Bottom Line

There is plenty of massage equipment available online. It includes massage chairs, some of the best massage guns, and some best Shiatsu foot massagers. However, all of these intend to target different body areas. Therefore, people can choose among them depending on their requirements.

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