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Main Reasons Behind Building’s Condition Assessment

by Alisha Hill 7 months ago in industry

Assessment of the building and the findings may provide a conclusive view on how favourable the deal and the purchase decision are. Below are the top reasons for building condition assessment and ESA.

building condition assessment

Assessment of a building, and its reports, help to make a well informed and wise decision. It can prove to be quite beneficial for both sellers and buyers. The findings of a building assessment report may also help complete the due diligence process. Apart from the assessment, due diligence also covers other intangibles, including the liens, obligations, and history of the building. Building condition assessment tells you a lot about the appropriateness of the costs associated with the deal. It may also reveal the problems early on by examining the symptoms present now. Assessment of the building and the findings may provide a conclusive view on how favourable the deal and the purchase decision are. Below are the top reasons for building condition assessment and ESA.

A Lender Requirement

Completing the due diligence process may not be the sole reason for the assessment. In Canada, most lenders will require that a proper assessment of a property or the building is carried out before it is purchased, and any money is lent for it. All commercial property purchases above dollar 2.5 million should undergo a building condition assessment test to provide any capital or loan.


The building inspection services and the assessment reports provided by them can also be quite valuable when an existing property is renovated. The contractor may use the data and the findings of the assessment to provide the renovation cost.

Revealing of Defects

When purchasing a commercial property, the building assessment test will reveal many significant and even hidden defects of the building and property. It can be used during the negotiation with the sellers. The data, information, and points will help achieve a more affordable bargain and provide a lower cost for purchasing the same property. Further, because many new vital data and information is revealed, the property can be upgraded and updated in a more refined way. The short term and necessary changes and improvements can be made on priority, while the other upgrades can be planned for the future.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

New businesses and entrepreneurs may find the assessment especially useful for realizing their ambition of successfully owning and running a new business. Entrepreneurs looking for a new property will like to be aware of all the associated costs of renovation, which they would soon be required to gather and spend on the critical areas. Adequate information in this regard provided by the assessment will help entrepreneurs focus on all the finances they need beforehand. It would lower the risk for the new businesses and enhance the success of a startup.

Because of the immense importance of the building assessment procedures, activities, and their findings, most of the commercial property purchases these days are dependent on it. The cost incurred towards assessment is worthwhile for the sellers as they may always update the property, remove the defects, and raise the prices substantially. It has been found that while investors do not hesitate to spend money, they are wary of the unpleasant surprises, and trust is a very crucial factor. When the sale proposition of a property is also supported by a building assessment report accomplished by a certified and reputed assessment company and service, the value of the property increases manifold. When a leading and licensed building inspection services certifies that the building has got no defects, investors are highly forthcoming in paying the prices desired by the sellers. Given the marginal cost of assessment (for Phase 1, it may start at around $2000), sellers may get huge profits by integrating the assessment process in their sales endeavour.

Comprehensive Findings

What is covered by a building condition assessment procedure is another important reason for sellers, buyers, as well as lenders to pursue it. The assessment test is quite comprehensive and takes an in-depth view of many different aspects of a property to determine the defects and issues. The repairs required and the associated costs (for both short- and long-term improvements), are also included in the findings. Below are some of the essential inclusions of a building condition assessment procedure.

  • Grounds and Site: Many different kinds of grounds and sites can be covered under an assessment. Structures include pavement, walks, loading docks, exterior amenities, signages, wall fencing, and lighting.
  • Structural systems: These include the structural framing of the different walls, floors, roofs, and columns.
  • The building envelope includes assessing the roofing systems, doors, windows, stairs, and steps.
  • Mechanical Systems: Including ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing, are also covered.
  • Interior building components: Include the interior furnishings of the tenants and the common areas.
  • Compliance: The assessment includes all the codes and rules of the laws and regulations about building safety in areas including fire suppression and life safety.

The assessor's final report provides essential information in areas including cost and reveals how long the existing systems are going to last. The highly professional and expert services of building assessments provide a complete review of the current condition and the estimated cost for improvement in critical areas. The recommendations can be followed for the best results in all spheres.

Alisha Hill
Alisha Hill
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