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Life Worth Living

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Life Worth Living
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A life worth living. What does that mean? Are you ready to take the next steps after graduation and become an adult? Are we ready to take on the responsibility of finding a job and living on our own? Do we have what it takes to do this on our own? If you are anything like me, I want to say yes to all of these questions. Realistically, I can’t say that I can say yes to all these questions.

I am confident that I was taught the skills for my trade and all the legalities that go along with my profession. I work in education as an enrollment advisor for a beauty school. I enjoy meeting with such passionate individuals who want to work in an industry that is so enormous right now . I love when students show me their work and I can see the excitement in their eyes. It really hits home for me when I hear that they want to make someone feel beautiful and make their day.

My university strives on professionalism and being business savvy. Our students are taking on a huge commitment and we want them to feel confident and prepared before going out in the industry. You could be a great stylist, makeup artist or barber. If you don’t know how to create relationships, build clientele or build rapport with your clients you have nothing .

Our University strives on providing our students with the skills of speaking very confidently of the services they are providing for their guests. We want them to gain as much information as possible. We want our students to create a business plan to ensure they have the stepping stones to become successful and we work with our students and expose them to mock interviews and help them put together a successful resume.

I am so honored to work for a company such as this one and be able to represent one that is so reputable.

What makes one a professional? Is it how someone can hold a conversation, is it the confidence that you represent or is it how well you are at the trade? To be completely honest, it’s a little bit of everything. I believe this could be taught, but it’s your choice to take this skills and make them your own.

The question is, are all of you proud to represent the company they work for. When you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Can we all say that we all love what we do? What stepping stones did your University prepare you with? What could you have benefited more from? We spend all this time and money on our education. Let’s ensure our students with the success after they work so hard.

What are some struggles that recent college graduates are dealing with? Are you receiving help as far as job placement. Do you know where to go for help? You aren’t the only one. Many early graduates don’t even know where to start. Wouldn’t it have helped if that preparation was started even before you left those school doors?

I can honestly say my story isn’t over, but I am happy where I am today . Not to say I didn’t struggle. I had to take positions to work up the ladder just like all of you. All of the situations weren’t ideal, but I learned from them all. I learned a lot about myself and realized what I wanted and how I deserved to be treated . I am grateful.

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