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Life Should Be a Good Struggle, Struggle!

Life is just 30,000 days, there are highs and lows; there are successes and failures; there is life and death.

By BobbyPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Life Should Be a Good Struggle, Struggle!
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 Life is like a dream, a dream is like life.

  Life is just 30,000 days, there are highs and lows; there are successes and failures; there is life and death.

  The young people see all the brilliant flowers in the way of life, and the old people see only desolate graves in the way of life.

  We say: there are both flowers and graves; flowers bloom on the graves, and graves may be covered under the flowers.

  Faced with such a beautiful life, I often wonder: what is the purpose of living?

  Some people are willing to be a beggar, wandering the streets; some people are not willing to be mediocre, and tireless; some people are self-absorbed and bumbling; some people are intoxicated with paper, wasting time.

  I always wonder: what kind of person do I want to be? What kind of person can I be? What kind of person should I be?

  Life is decades! It is a splendid and long dream. It is a gorgeous, long dream. Waiting for the year of gray hair in our year, the dream also woke up, looking back at the footprints they left behind: there is a waste of time regret, can only be issued "white head, empty sorrow" sigh; also has the melancholy of inaction, can not help but sigh "peace and ruling the country and the world, their own Kong sage " of injustice; also have tireless pride, reminiscence of life will have "the Yellow River does not return to see the river, Dai Mei returned not to see the mountain" of the great pride. People are also animals, the reason why they are distinguished from other animalsthatause people have a variety of desires.

  People want to go higher. We are not willing to lag behind others, so there is competition.

  The winner is the king, the loser is the enemy.

  Some people have swept away in the raging waves of fierce competition and never recovered; some people are facing the wind, stepping on the tip of the wave, and going ashore, and they succeeded. Because they have more persistence. The wind and waves for them are not a stumbling block, but the cornerstone of their high.

  It's easy to live, it's easy to live, it's not easy to live. Life is the process of living. How can there be no wind, no rain? It is because of the baptism of wind and rain to see the splendid rainbow; with the pain of failure to taste the joy of success. Turgenev said in "Rotting": "Although our life is short and small, great everything is created by human hands; life in the world, aware of their own such a noble task, that is the supreme joy of their lives." We are here to create this society, we will inevitably suffer some injuries and shed some tears.

  Time, flying around, scratching through a dream of a phantom song.

  Life, to break out of a road! For the cause, for the struggle of life, despite the loss of many, there must be gains! And what you get will often be more important than what you lose, it is the value and meaning of life.

  Life is long and the years are unpredictable.

  How can we predict the future? But I just want to be worthy of my heart! In life, because there is competition, people are motivated; in life, because there is a struggle, people pursue excellence.

  Life is like smoke, like clouds, like the wind. Passing in a flash. "Only backward people and cars, there is no backward time and road", since we have come to today, and occupy today's social status and responsibility, only forward, forward, and then forward! No regression. Young people, it is more important to see tomorrow, seize the day, in tranquility to advance, perhaps in tomorrow before the rising sun out of the mountain, and you create a miracle!

  Ten thousand trees withered but the mountain does not fall, a hundred rivers exhausted but the sea long flat. Life is easy to grow old but the heart of struggle will not grow old, as the saying goes: live until old age, learn seventy is still too little. Although life is short, but should not be a hurried passerby, but should be: the passion of struggle such as the fire in June, the footsteps forward as the waves of the sea, encountering mountains, mountains, water cut off the water! When we fail in the way of life, look more at Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Stetson, and Helen Keller ...... they are great achievements of art and literature, but the unfortunate children of life. Have they bowed their heads? Did they degenerate? Did they complain? Did they give up?

  "The wind and rain vast life", "the road is long and far, I will go up and down and seek", "the spring breeze willow thousands, hundreds of millions of gods all Shun Yao" poets are in pursuit, explore. Life has its value. If a person can not make their life brilliant, but there is no reason to make it bleak; life can be ordinary, but not vulgar, degenerate; life does not care how much plunder, but the pursuit of the process of perfection and excellence!

  Life, nothing is more precious than time. Life is the most brilliant than the cause. There is nothing happier in life than struggle.

  Everyone has a tomorrow, everyone has the next year. Based on today, look forward to tomorrow, based on this year, opening up next year.

  I believe that no matter how bumpy the road ahead is, as long as you seize today, sooner or later you will taste the sweetness of life in the struggle. Seize the minute and second in life is better than the month and year in the waste!

  With positive pursuit, one percent of the hope may become reality; with negative waiting, 99 percent of the certainty will also fizzle!

  Life is a big stage, the stage is a small life. Life can only create to move forward; only adapt to survive. Can "by the sky grinding is a good man, not be cynical is mediocre", to themselves beyond; to others have a challenge. This may be the true meaning of life! Pakistanis say: "not to fight and live, is a shame; not to fight and die, is cowardly; fight and live, is glorious; fight and die, is also willing". Life is a struggle, a need to struggle! Fight against sickness! Fight against adversity! Fight against fate! Fight with the sky, fight with the earth, fight with people! Struggle in the struggle, to achieve the ideal! Break through the restraint, that's when one has a new life beyond!

  Life is bumpy, life is rugged. I firmly believe that: in life, there is only the joy of advancing in a curve, there is no success in a straight line. Only cherish today, there will be a better tomorrow; only grasp today, and there will be a more brilliant tomorrow! O life, O friends! What are you waiting for? Fight on!


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