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Life Can Start At Any Time

The son of a tribal leader took up the task of leading the tribe after his father's death. However, due to his spending and idleness, the tribe's power soon declined; in a battle with his enemy's family, he was captured by the tribe of his enemy.

By BobbyPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
Life Can Start At Any Time
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 The son of a tribal leader took up the task of leading the tribe after his father's death. However, due to his spending and idleness, the tribe's power soon declined; in a battle with his enemy's family, he was captured by the tribe of his enemy. The chief of the enemy tribe decided to behead him the next day, but he could be given a day to move freely, and the movement could only be in a designated grassland.

  When he was banished to the vast grassland, he felt that, at this time, he had been completely abandoned by the whole world, and heaven would soon become his final home. He recalled the days when he was once well-clothed and well-fed, remembered the hard-working herdsmen of his tribe, and remembered the brave warriors who had sold their lives in service, and he regretted it.

  He thought, if I could do it all over again and God gave me another chance, it would never be such an outcome. So, he wanted to do something in the last 24 hours of his life to make up for his former transgressions.

  He slowly walked on the grassland, and saw many poor and pitiful herdsmen roasting a fire, he plucked the pearl on his head and gave it to them; he saw a goat run too far and lost its way, and he chased it back; he saw a child fall and took the initiative to help him up; finally, he also gave a precious coat of his own to the soldier who was guarding him... ...he had finally done something he had never done before, and he felt that he was still good at heart and could end his life with satisfaction.

  The next day, the time of execution arrived, he easily stepped into the execution ground, closed his eyes, and waited for the executioner to end his life. But after waiting for a long time, the executioner's knife did not fall, he felt very strange. When he slowly opened his eyes, he saw the chief of the enemy standing in front of him with a bowl of wine and a smile.

  The chief said: "Brother, this day, what you did touched me, but also let me know you again, our two tribes of herdsmen could have lived in harmony and happiness, but because of some selfish interests hate each other, kill each other, no one has lived a peaceful life, today, I want to toast you a glass of wine, ice the past, from now on we are brothers, how? "

  After that, the dude returned to the tribe, no longer with paper and gold to live, but with hard work and love for the people, and vowed to be an excellent tribal leader. Since then, the two tribes of herdsmen have never had a war, and live in harmony and peace with each other on the grassland.

  Life can begin at any time, even if there are only 24 hours left in life.

  As long as a person is still able to think and full of dreams, he or she can start his or her life again.

  But why, sometimes, do we know we are wrong, but still want to continue to be wrong, or have been in deep pain, but still do not want to escape from it? In the "dare" or "do not give up" will be trapped in their trap? If you know that this road is not for you, and the result of going on is just in vain, why not immediately give up and start again?

  Japanese writer Kaoru Nakajima once said: "It's an illusion to think you can't do it. Before we start doing something, we often consider whether we can do it, and then we start doubting ourselves, which is a very wrong idea."

  Life can start over at any time, there is no age limit, and there is no gender distinction, as long as we have determination and confidence, dreams, even at the age of 70 can be achieved.

  There is a movie about a young man who is in great pain because the woman he has been in love with for a long time is going to marry a rich businessman. Since then, self-loathing, broken, every day to drink like a drunk, causing trouble. People in the town saw him, they have to look at him, and people walking head-on had to avoid him, afraid to attract trouble.

  When an old man, who had a lot of respect in the town, saw him like this, he scolded him, "If you have the guts, you can chase her back."

  "But she is already going to marry someone else." The young man said sadly.

  "If you have the ability, you have a chance, you still have time, what you need is to pull yourself together!" The old man said righteously.

  "But I have nothing, I'm afraid there's nothing to hope for." The young man mourned.

  "You still have today. You still have tomorrow. You still have your strength." The old man said.

  Under the old man's earnest teachings, the young man finally found the courage to leave the town and travel far away from home ......

  Three years later, the young man returned to the town and found the old man who taught him. The old man told him that the woman had married a rich man. The young man smiled and said, "It's all in the past. What you taught me is not how to marry a woman, but what you taught me about being a man, and that's what counts."

  Today is an end and a beginning. Yesterday's successes or failures, today can start all over again and open up your life again. Yesterday's failure does not matter, today forget it, sum up the lessons of failure, and continue with new efforts. Even if yesterday was a success, today you still have to start over, continue to work based on success and strive for more brilliant progress.

  Life is the process of constantly starting over, there can always be a new beginning, a new hope, a new sky.


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