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Leverage Marketing to Generate New Leads for your Construction Business

by Mi Brand Co. 3 years ago in advice
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Construction Marketing in 2020

So, the new year has got you thinking about how you're going to market your business in 2020. Contractors have a hard time with marketing their business and that's why I've come up with four essential marketing strategies for contractors. These are the same principals I operate by, in this business and pretty much any other business I am involved in. These strategies discuss core marketing values but will also keep you focused and goal-oriented when it comes to generating leads for your business.


Be intentional. It is essential for your company to evolve into a brand. For that brand to hen evolve into the business. Then, finally decide on your messaging and what story you want to tell people. Storytelling is a huge step and is one of the largest deciding factors in whether or not a consumer connects with your brand. You might be wondering why a contractor would care about connecting with a consumer. Great question! Here's why, because today's landscape is so saturated with businesses, including contractors, you have to build a foundation and relationship to stand out. Standing out, by providing a better experience, a brand experience over another construction company, better human interaction, is what will help land a cold lead that converts to a flaming hot one!

Figure out and decide who you target or ideal client is and be hyper-focused on targeting them. Reaching them and making sure that your messaging is on brand AND on target.

Your brand's messaging should be:

1. Clear: Easy for someone to describe the business.

2. Intentional: Consumer should be able to summarize what you and don't do in a few sentences or less.

3. It should be a story. Interesting, engaging, raw and relatable.

Strategic Relationships

Utilize an under-utilized strategy. Many contractors are failing to use this strategy that ironically enough, is probably the easiest to do.In this business as a contractor you are likely to interact with people directly, it's the nature of the beast. Some examples of strategic relationships:

1. Realtors

2. Property managers

3. Other subcontractors

4. Carpet cleaners

5. Painters

6. Hardwood installers

7. Plumbers

8. HVAC guys

and this list goes on…

If you take a step back and analyze what these people can do for you (as well as, what you can do for them) it becomes much easier to set an attainable goal. As a contractor looking to gain leads by leveraging the power of strategic relationships, you should make it a point to have a certain number of people in each business category and build relationships with them. The ultimate goal is to ADD VALUE to them as a business owner. They want business just like you do and thinking too competitively will only make it harder to get ahead.

If you can't provide leads right away you could even suggest links and pages that might help them out. It's easy to continue to build a relationship if they feel like you actually want to help them. How can you do this? You came across this page right? If you found it helpful, send a quick, informal text or email with q note like "hey, came across this page and it had some helpful stuff. Thought you might want to take a look too." Boom! Now you've found an excuse to talk to them and you're providing value. In fact, anything you find helpful simply share with them whether it's from this page or not.

Own Space in their Mind

More eyeballs. You got to own your target consumers eyeballs and that means doing stuff like we're doing right now. Like, recording videos on your channel, writing blogs, posting on social media. Basically, there needs to be a big shift in your marketing to include content marketing. For example, you could be writing this article while sitting there waiting for your kids to get out of high school or junior high. It doesn't have to be super difficult or even perfect. When you own their eyeballs through creating relevant content that means something to them, you're gonna establish yourself as the expert which leads to the eyeballs that then, get more attention.

Obviously they get more checks written to their business because they're experts and those checks are bigger because they're experts. So in our day and age it is rare that a consumer will not go online to check you out. It's rare that they won't go and stalk you on your social media to see what you guys look like, whether your slobs and all that other stuff. Create great content, video content, written content like blogs and things like that.

Consistency is Key

Be consistent. Be patient. Fourth and final thing that I want to share with you here as a core strategy for your marketing is you have to be fanatically consistent. Consistent. Consistent. Consistent.

Here's an example. If you're a dude, go over to the Order of Man, listen to their podcast. The founder, Ryan McClure is the founder of that thing and he will tell you that he has built his empire for helping men all over the globe. He did it because he kept showing up every day and that principle applies in any business. If you show up, keep knocking on that door, keep showing up, and are fanatical about your consistency in your marketing, you're building relationships, storytelling and putting out great content and it's consistent that is a winning recipe.

These same principles apply in your construction business, so hopefully this helps as you are putting together your marketing plans and strategies for 2020.

All that said, we'll see you on the other end. Subscribe to our newsletter and be notified about more construction marketing articles like this one.


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