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Learn How To Manage Diabetes Naturally. Don't Put Your Health On Hold

Why are some doctors putting down the prescription pad in favor of a new, natural solution?

By Vic GovindPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects millions of people around the world. It is characterized by high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood, which can lead to a range of complications if left untreated. While medication is often prescribed to manage diabetes, there are also lifestyle changes that can be made to help manage the condition without drugs.

1. Eat a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet is essential for managing diabetes. This means consuming a variety of foods from all the food groups in appropriate portion sizes. Complex carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, are broken down slower in the body than simple carbohydrates like those found in sugary and processed foods. Eating complex carbohydrates and incorporating fiber-rich foods into each meal can help regulate blood sugar levels.

2. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can not only help regulate blood sugar levels but can also help to maintain a healthy body weight, which is key for managing diabetes. A combination of aerobic and strength training exercises can improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels.

3. Manage stress

Stress can have a negative impact on diabetes management as it can raise blood sugar levels. Reducing stress through activities such as meditation and gentle exercise can have a positive effect on diabetes management.

4. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential for managing diabetes. Poor sleep can cause blood sugar levels to rise, making it difficult to manage the condition effectively. Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night.

5. Monitor blood sugar levels

Regularly monitoring blood sugar levels is key to managing diabetes. This can be done through testing strips and a blood glucose meter that can be purchased at a local pharmacy. It is essential to consult a doctor about ideal blood glucose targets and how often to check levels.

6. Quit smoking

Smoking is known to have a negative impact on diabetes management. It can increase insulin resistance, making it harder to manage blood sugar levels. Quitting smoking can be difficult, but it can have a significant positive impact on the management of diabetes.

7. Manage high blood pressure and cholesterol

High blood pressure and cholesterol can both have negative impacts on diabetes management. Consult a doctor about ideal targets for blood pressure and cholesterol levels and work to manage these through diet and lifestyle changes.

8. Find support

Diabetes management can be challenging, and finding a support network can be beneficial. Support can come from family, friends, healthcare providers, and local diabetes support groups.

9. Ensure adequate hydration

Ensuring adequate hydration is important for managing diabetes. Drinking enough water can help flush out excess sugar from the bloodstream, and dehydration can lead to higher blood sugar levels.

10. Seek professional help when needed

Managing diabetes without drugs can be challenging, and it is essential to seek professional help when needed. This may include consultations with a registered dietician, exercise physiologist, or diabetes educator to help develop an individualized plan for diabetes management.

Overall, managing diabetes without drugs requires a lifestyle approach that incorporates healthy eating habits, regular exercise, stress reduction, and adequate sleep. By making these changes, people with diabetes can take control of their condition and lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

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