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Latest Trend of Mobile App Development Technologies

Top Mobile App Development Technologies

By ScalaCodePublished about a year ago 5 min read

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, mobile phones are making hatching schedules easier, and anything requires mobile users’ few clicks only. In such circumstances, even though you are running a well-established business, if you don’t have a mobile app for your business, then you are nowhere. The reason is people usually search for the brand name or business on the Google search engine or app store. Thereafter, based on the appearance and performance of the app, they decide to get associated with that business. Hence, along with mobile applications, it is essential for you to choose the right platform for your business mobile app development. In regard to design, a mobile app with the greatest user experience and SEO-friendliness, 8 top trend technology of mobile app development is underneath:-


Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK). Mobile app development services extensively use this platform in natively rendered cross-platform app development. The key benefit to employing flutter in app development is that it eliminates the input of Java codes; hence the entire app development process gets faster and single-handedly manageable. Flutter is well-versed in creating mobile apps for photo editing, E-Commerce, Social media apps, online food ordering apps, and pairing apps like Google Duo, Meets, and many others. Google Ads is a well-known instance of flutter-based app development. This platform supports Dart programming language; hence if you are willing to hire flutter app developers, then you basically need Dart developers.


Kotlin is also an open-source platform, but it is based on Java and supports features and functionality of Java Programming language. Kotlin is the preferred language for complex app development of live video streaming, online booking apps, image sharing -sharing apps and many others. Netflix, Pinterest, Duollingo, and Uber are the popular cross-platform mobile app instances designed in Kotlin.


If you have a wide range of specific audiences belonging to iPhone and iPad users, then you need to hire swift developers. Swift is a general-purpose programming language especially designed for iOS-based app development. Since iPhones have a native OS well-known for its strong ecosystem, Swift, with its powerful coding style and cross-platform capabilities, offers a high-performing iOS application development. Additionally, Swift offers an exciting feature of Playground mode. This tool assists iPhone app designers in exploring creative and original concepts. Modern server apps can be created using Swift.


Python needs no recommendation and is extensively liked by developers and companies to inculcate in their app development. Python is also an open-source platform that is free to use. It is an object-oriented programming language that is dynamically used for web and mobile app development. Python offers a number of advantages, such as integrated debuggers for smooth app development, a large community, GUI programming capabilities, and a variety of frameworks and libraries. Creating scalable, feature-rich mobile apps is the language's main use case.


Java is one of the oldest and strongest programming languages, which is free and open to download and use for desktop software, including gaming, animating dynamic websites, and mobile app development. Mobile app development companies across the globe are extensively employing Java in animated gaming apps, phone banking apps, and many other types of robust app development. Java offers libraries of predefined functions and classes. As a result, java based applications perform well and are easy to maintain and upgrade in their version.

React Native

Meta platform of Facebook designed React Native as an open-source UI framework. This platform enables app designers to craft a creative and interactive user interface. It is a front-end designing framework; hence you can hire React Native developers to design the front-end layout or natively rendered cross-platform app design on both Android and iOS platforms.


Xamarin is a .NET-based open-source framework designed by Microsoft. The purpose behind introducing Xamarin as an Android app development platform was to employ the robustness of C++ and design-compatible and excellent-performing application development. Furthermore, Xamarin's cross-platform capabilities speed up development and save costs. So it might be appropriate for startups with a limited development budget.


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. Developers across the world employ Laravel in static and dynamic websites, mobile application development, and desktop software development. Laravel is a robust and secure development platform that, with the help of various tools, including Eloquent, Blade template, ORM, CLI, and many others secures the development process and provides uniquely designed mobile apps secured from unauthorized access.


NativeScript is also an open-source framework for mobile app development. It is a back-end development framework. NativeScript developers across the globe use the platform to design natively rendered cross-platform apps for Android and iOS platforms. The key benefit to employing NativeScript in an app development process is that there is a pre-built suite of extensible APIs, plugins, and templates in the NativeScript, offering a faster and hassle-free app development process.


Ionic is a well-known open-source framework for developing HTML-based apps. The appearance, feel, and UI of the app is the main aesthetic considerations. Ionic is regarded as a versatile framework that allows businesses to create a hybrid, cross-platform, and progressive applications. Ionic is a good option if you have a tight budget and limited development time.

R Programming

Data analysis and machine learning are both compatible with the language. In addition, general statistical calculations and graphics are also done using R programming. Large built-in libraries and frameworks are provided by this platform-independent language to make the creation of mobile apps simple, error-free, and effortless. Developers may build robust and sophisticated machine learning algorithms that can educate themselves further using the R programming language.

Which Mobile app development technology fits your business

In order to be functional, mobile apps need to pass through various phases, including front-end design, back-end development, integration of UI/UX, and deployment. Each phase of app development offers a wider range of technology choices, as mentioned above. So it is quite challenging for anyone unfamiliar with the tech world to choose the best way for a business-centric mobile app. In such circumstances, mobile development services can only help you by telling you the latest trend and suggesting the best platform as per your business-based requirements. However, it is beneficial to share your requirement first with such professionals such as:-

- App platform - Android or iOS

- Type of application - Native, Hybrid, or Cross-platform

- Type of business- healthcare, online shopping, fitness, manufacturing, etc.

- Budget

- Post-sale technical support and maintenance

- Registration on Google Play Store and iPhone app store.

- Offline data integration with mobile app

After finalizing your own need, you have to decide whether you need to hire a dedicated mobile app developer or an app development company. A dedicated app developer is an expert in its domain, and he can provide you with faster app development but there is a drawback with such developers is that you will have to hire app designer, tester, Develop engineer separately. And this will cost you similar to hiring an app development company. However, despite hiring various domain experts you can also hire full-stack mobile app developers. Elsewise you can contact an app development company and get the one-stop solution for your app-based need. Furthermore, if you only want a dedicated developer only you can also connect with app development services offering developers outsourcing.


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