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Larby Amirouche On Best Practices for Blog Commenting

Practices for Blog Commenting

By Larby AmirouchePublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Blog commenting

Blog commenting is very useful for digital marketing purposes

Blogs have been utilized by businesses all over the world. Larby Amirouche, an expert in digital marketing campaigns and strategies, fully understands the importance of blogs for website traffic. It helps websites to gather more traffic, not just to attract potential customers, but also to market the brand.

Blogs are also a great way to engage and capture the attention of users online. According to Larby Amirouche, blogs are the cheapest way to market one’s brand. But creating blogs is not an easy task. One should be creative and enthusiastic in creating one to have good content and information enclosed in the blog.

Another part of blogging is blog commenting which is the focal point of the article. It is as simple as commenting on the blogs created, but it has additional advantages for digital marketing.

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is known as a relationship between blogs, bloggers, and blog readers. It is a great way to exchange insights, thoughts, ideas, or opinions about what users feel for a particular blog post. Blog comments help the blog to attract traffic and makes it socially visible.

Though simple as it is, there are best practices one should adhere to come up with an effective blog commenting strategy for digital marketing purposes.

1. Reading the actual post

Reading the whole post is vital for blog commenting, because the comments on the post should be focused on the blog itself. Having irrelevant comments can tarnish the credibility of the website and the author. It can have negative impacts from both the users and the owner of the website. Always be mindful of the comments for the blogs, either delete the unnecessary comments or regulate it for approval.

2. Minimum of 3 sentences

Create comments over 3 sentences. This shows professionalism and authority. Having short comments can portray laziness or being unprofessional. Which is why it is important to create meaningful comments and suggestions that have more than 3 sentences.

3. Legitimate information

Use legit profiles to comment on the blog post. Commenting using random and anonymous profiles can be sketchy for other users and at the same time give them the impression that the blog post is not seriously taken. Again, using legitimate profiles can exude professionalism and credibility for the website.

4. Internal links to pages

Put internal links to the comments. It is good to inform other users using the comment section that there are also other good blogs or pages within the website. It is a subtle way of informing and promoting the website to other users. Use the links for high-ranking pages, but again it should be regulated and avoid dishing out unnecessary links.

5. Avoid dropping links in comments

Unless the users are linking to an outside source to help back up the stance of the website, it is necessary to avoid dropping links in the comment field, especially to other websites. This looks and reads spammy to the blog owner and chances are they will blacklist the users from their blog.

6. Daily commenting on featured blogs

Commenting daily on featured blogs can help the blog on its ranking on search engines. It is because it supports the credibility of the blog which can help a little on its SEO ranking, and also search results page ranking.

7. Single management of the account

It is best that a singular person manages the blog comments, this creates uniformity regarding responses and blog comments. Having many people manage the comment section can only create confusion for the commenters and users. One tone, one voice should be enough to engage users in the comment section.

Larby Amirouche has been in the industry for many years, as he is a leader in digital marketing tactics and a trendsetter, he fully understands the importance of blogs and blog commenting for a brand’s campaign for online marketing. Follow these simple guidelines and blog commenting can be a really useful tool for the website.

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Larby Amirouche

Larby Amirouche is a trendsetter in internet marketing and e-commerce. He is famous for his successes in boosting branded products through direct-response campaigns. He is passionate about enabling entrepreneurs to chart their own destiny.

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