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The Complete Guide To Creating Positive Habits By Emma Hayes

By W.S. KlassPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

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Emma Hayes has an extensive background and is the CEO of a company called “Proluxx.”


This will be my second professional review for a non-fiction book. It’s also my first “Five-Star” review for a non-fiction book. Sometimes we must read these types of books to learn something new or refresh something we have forgotten. Its how we pass on knowledge to others or find knowledge we don’t have.

The Complete Guide To Creating Positive Habits is one of those books that you MUST read. Why do I say this? Was I paid to say this? No! I have an educated background in Liberal Arts and Communications and a broad study of psychology. My credentials are not what we are here to discuss however. In my professional opinion, books that discuss habits and the methodologies behind developing positive habits to replace bad ones are or should be a required reading.

Most non-fiction, also referred to as textbooks in schools, are boring and full of jargon that can confuse readers without having a teacher to explain everything. Hayes’ book is not like that at all. She breaks down the fundamentals of everything such as habits, goals, behaviors and more to a level that my 13-year old can understand. Maybe even my 8-year old, perhaps. Regardless, it is an “easy read” that should be on everyone’s shelf who cares about having a healthy and productive life.

Hayes is not writing her opinions so much as doing the “footwork” for us. She cites her source material, albeit without APA formatting and explains the diagrams and figures she shares in the book. The book is well-organized and does not leave you with knowledge that you won’t be able to use. Nope! She doesn’t just feed you candy and leave you with a tummy-ache. She comes back with some sodium bicarbonate to ease the backlash of the goodies she presents. She gives step-by-step information of how to apply the methodologies of her “Positive Habits.”

One of the best things about how Hayes delivers her information is that she personalizes it to her audience of readers. She gives personal examples of what she would do or has done already to achieve her “Positive Habits.” She explains the difference between Habits and Goals. There are times when the normal delivery methods of the information in this book might seem to start to bore you. That’s not the author’s fault. That’s usually when she is citing her facts. Her delivery of explanations and applications are as I said earlier, “personalized” to her readers and at times even humorous. “Become Your Habit,” stands out for me as a solid example. This section she begins by stating, “OK, I admit it. ‘Become your Habit’ sounds like something out of a motivational book…” I loved it! And I can’t say that about too many non-fiction books, though that is starting to change as of late thanks to authors like Emma Hayes.

Do you want to change your habits? Learn how by starting small and follow the easy guide Emma Hayes presents in her book. It is a sort of motivational book, at least how the voice in my head read it. I pictured Tom Cruise’s character from Magnolia reading it to me in my head. “RESPECT THE…” Anyhow. This book is a very helpful tool for anyone whether its how to quit smoking or starting a healthy exorcise routine. The methods are foolproof so long as they are applied. The book is short and won’t take long to read and understand. Do yourself a favor and look for yourselves.

Read this and all other books by Emma Hayes, available on at: Free to read on Kindle with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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