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Mia by Honey Bee

By W.S. KlassPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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"I don't do romance novels but this wasn't a "slow burn" so it read differently than the average romance novel. I quite enjoyed this. It was a great read!" (

Book synopsis - "Mia is a strong independent woman with a habit of letting her mouth and attitude get the better of her. She can’t seem to keep a job very long even though she is the only provider for herself and her Nan. Mia’s Nan got sick several years ago, forcing Mia to drop out of college. So when she lands a job at a high-end marketing company, she’s determined to make it work despite her new boss Bastion Miles, and his beastly manners and bad attitude of his own. Can Mia keep her mouth and attitude in check? Can she be just this thing to teach this beast a few new things?"

This book a was a fun read and of course if I am discussing it on this website, it received a Four-Star Rating or higher. In this case, I gave a solid Five-Star Review. I'll tell you why...

This story had excellent character development, a great storyline and plot for readers who enjoy this genre, and I was entertained. Everyone has their own opinions about what they enjoy and this is mine. I feel this author really puts her brand on the line writing this genre of "Romance."

Romance books are one of the most ridiculed genres out tehre in my experience because of teh standard complaint, "It's all been done before!" That can be said with almost every genre. The question you want to ask is are the characters different; authentic and unique compared to the past renditions of said storyline? If so, then it has not been done before like this!

I feel that Honey Bee captures her audiences with the relatable material in her book as she so uniquely tells it. Am I a romance genre buff? Not at all. I read this book on a whim. Unlike some of my reviews, this author never asked me to review her book. I read and reviewed it as I said, on a whim.

Every now and again I liker to read something different. When you meet someone online or in person, that sometimes is a key element for sparking a desire to learn more about that individual. What better way to learn about them than by reading their works. What an author writes is a representation of how their minds work and what kinds of topics they think about.

Truth be told, this is a reason so many Public Figures are taught not to post on Social Media because it reflects upon their character and public image. I studied Public Relations as part of my degrees, so I felt obligated to point that out to my readers. Public Figures often have skilled Public Relations professionals posting for them, or advising them on what they should or should not post.

Back to this book! Honey Bee unfolds her story in such a way that someone who does not read the Romance Genre very often was quite entertained. I was able to maintain my attention to her story as I read it. Many books I have read int eh past were "slow burn" and took a while for me to read. This one went fast because it was so well written.

As I said above, I gave this book a Five-Star Review and would definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy a solid tale of well-written romance. Follow my account for updates and new reviews in the future!

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"I never apologize for who I am!"-W.S. Klass.

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