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Keyword Research for Law Firms: Finding the Right Legal Terms

This article focuses on the significance of keyword research for Law firms and offers steps that can be taken towards identifying the most effective legal keywords

By EZ RankingsPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Due to the current advancement in technology, many firms are on the internet thus it is important for law firms to seek recognition as a way of attracting clients. Technology offers one of the surest ways to boost the online marketing of the legal services of a law firm and this entails keyword research. It is also critical to have the right legal terms to improve the ranking of a firm in the search engines and thus the clients can easily access it.

This article focuses on the significance of keyword research for Law firms and offers steps that can be taken towards identifying the most effective legal keywords that should be targeted in order to improve on the traffic generated. Keyword research, no matter the size of the legal practice from a small firm to a large legal practice, is something that can help revolutionize online marketing.

Whether you hire a law firm SEO company, or tackle keyword research on your own, this article is for you. To gain an edge, you need to be strategic and thorough when it comes to keyword research for your law firm.

Why is keyword research important for law firms?

The process of using targeted keywords is one of the key elements of the legal SEO services. Potential clients are prone to search particular legal terms related to the services their law firm offers in order to access the internet; therefore, using those terms will make sure that the law firm’s website is indexed high on SERPs. Thus, it not only generates more organic traffic to the website but also additionally improves the perceived reputation and expertise of the law firm to searchers.

Keyword research is useful for a law firm as it shows what the potential clients are looking for hence allowing the firm to create content that will attract those clients. Further, it is easier for law firms to find other related areas in the broad field of law which could be less populated but very popular among the target clients. Thus, by putting the researched niche keywords purposefully, the captive interest may be gained by law firms, which complement market lacks.

Before you hire a digital marketing consultant in India, consider the below tips to have a better understanding. On this note, let's explore some essential keyword research tips for law firms.

Crucial tips to effective keyword research for law firms

Analyzing Your Current Website Performance

When it comes to new keyword opportunities, there is a set of basic recommendations that need to be taken into consideration before continuing. Consider the CTR, the average position of the ads, and conversion rates of the ads. This analysis will enable you to know what is giving positive results and the areas that need improvement. This way, it will be much easier to create a logical, step-by-step progression of keywords you would like to target to create the best-performing, most cost-effective campaigns.

Brainstorming Initial Keyword Ideas

Begin with the list of keywords that may be used. Consider such aspects as the branches of law in which you specialize, the kinds of questions clients often pose, and the kinds of tasks you perform for them. Categorize keywords under both general and specific keywords. Keywords that are general such as ‘family lawyer’ or ‘criminal attorney’ get a lot of traffic, but can also be highly saturated. Long-tail keywords, for instance, ‘divorce lawyer in Chicago with free consultation’ targets, likely, more qualified customers since they’re nearer in making decisions.

Using Keyword Research Tools

To hone the initial concepts, one can use such tools as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, and others. These tools help to give information about volume, the keyword that is difficult to rank and the keywords that are related. They can also assist you in defining your competitor keywords and new opportunities observation. For instance, if you are trying to rank for a term such as ‘personal injury lawyer’ you might discover relevant terms such as ‘personal injury claims assistance’ that have lesser competition and good traffic.

Considering Local SEO

To a law firm, local SEO is of prime importance. A customer particularly looking for a legal service provider may look for a provider in his or her locality. Insert the low competition keywords that are location-based such as ‘’Boston immigration lawyer’’ or ‘’Seattle business attorney’’ into your plan. Google My Business is quite beneficial in this regard and enables the business to get the right profile of the business, listed for the local searches. However, ensure to incorporate keywords that are likely to be searched online based on the local search intent that is more likely to result in recorded inquiries from the clients.

Focusing on User Intent

Since keyword research is understood by the type of users an online business targets, there is a need to understand their intent. Legal users may be in the knowledge seeking stage (informational), the transaction stage (business), or the comparison stage (orientation). It is necessary to choose the keywords that reflect these intents. As an example, a person typing “how to file for child custody” is more likely to have Informational motivation while a person entering “hire a child custody lawyer” has a Transactional motivation.

Utilizing Legal Directories and Newsgroups

In addition to your own website, there is potential in legal directories and public Internet forums. Currently, any web user willing to consult legal services can check Avvo, FindLaw, and Justia. These websites commonly have good positions according to the keywords and can bring a lot of people to your law firm. Engage in legal communities and reply to questions which are under your areas of specialization. This not only assists in establishing oneself but also opens up opportunities for backlinks which augment the website’s search engine ranking.

To summarize, the topic of keyword research in the context of law firms is rather relevant while the main methodology engages both an expert’s experience and proper tools. To carry this out, it is required to focus on the keywords that are popular among users, synchronize the information in the GMB profile with your website, and use legal directories and forums for SEO purposes. This will go a long way to improve on the online presence of your law firm and equally attract clients.


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