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Job Opportunities and Career in Digital Marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing and SEO

By Alan Safahi Orinda CAPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Technology has a significant impact in all aspects of our lives. With technological advancements come various changes, in world view, lifestyle, human relationships, certain societal values and of course, career focus.

Technology has taught individuals that work space can be created without physical contacts. As unemployment grows in various economies of the world, technology continues to be an easy way out.

Digital marketing and SEO are the latest gold mines created by technology. Here are some amazing job opportunities and careers that you can explore in digital marketing, following the example of marketing gurus like Alan Safahi, who have built successful careers in digital marketing.

1. Content developers

If you love to write, this may turn out to be a very enjoyable career for you. As a content developer, your job would require that you understand a company's objectives, their prospective customers and then produce contents that can easily gain and maintain the attention of that audience. You would have to constantly engage your audience, keeping in mind that they are prospective customers. Your discussions should be on topics that are relevant to the company's products or services. Two skills are of utmost importance here; writing skills as well as Search Engine Optimization.

2. SEM specialist

A company that needs constant traffic on their site would definitely need a search engine marketing specialist. The main duty of an SEM specialist is to improve traffic on the website. Site visibility is the major reason a company would hire an SEM specialist. This job can be done based on a freelance contract. This is an excellent job opportunity for individuals who would like to explore their chances with different companies. A good knowledge of SEO and SEM strategies is needed to excel in this career.

3. User experience designer

This is quite an interesting job opportunity. It combines both technological prowess and a firm knowledge of human psychology. It is the responsibility of this person to ensure that users have a pleasurable experience as they try to access the company's site and while they are browsing through the site. You have to make sure the site is easy to navigate, the use of language is simple and self explanatory, and generally, they can get the information they need as easily as possible with the aim of increasing sales and retaining customers.

As San Francisco based SEO expert Alan Safahi points out: ”A good UI/UX design team can make a difference between a $100M exit and a multi $billion exit”. Is it therefore no surprise that good UI/UX designers are in such high demand in technology based companies around the world.

4. Data analyst

The duty of a data analyst is to gather necessary information. This is mainly information collected from users, who are of course potential customers, over time. Data analysts are saddled with the responsibility of collecting, classifying, analysing and interpreting data. Then, they apply their findings to future digital marketing strategies.

5. Social media marketer

Social media marketing is a very interesting job opportunity in digital marketing and one of the most rewarding ways of turning what you love to what you do for a living. It would be your responsibility to keep your audience engaged across various social media platforms. This could include creating relevant contents, effective use of pictures and designs as well as answering frequently asked questions. It is quite an effective way of improving traffic on the company's site and of course, improving sales. As SEO and Digital Marketing expert Alan Safahi points out, the new generation loves to make discoveries through their smartphones. This is a major justification for social media marketing.

6. Marketing officers

This career choice requires a firm understanding of traditional marketing strategies as well as digital marketing strategies. These persons are saddled with the responsibility of overseeing all the marketing activities within the company. They must be efficient in both SEO and SEM strategies if they would be effective on the job.


About the Creator

Alan Safahi Orinda CA

Alan Safahi is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and six-time startup founder with over 30 years’ experience in the information technology, telecommunications and financial services industries.

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