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Is legit?

by Mohan 5 months ago in product review


GoFounders is an abstract of online marketing industry. It helps offline and online business towards success by providing customized tools and services designed for marketing activities. It was founded by Ash Mufareh in July 2018 to help online businesses. An expert in online marketing, Ash Mufareh understands how the internet world evolves and how companies should sync with this change. GoFounders secures the future of its founders by ensuring financial freedom.

ONPASSIVE is a product based online marketing solution company where GoFounders comprises of the members who act as the founding backbone to the company. Here, one can become a founder by registering themselves on the GoFounders website. Further, registered members are offered various tools to build a team, share contents and invitations. The tools offered are- My Team, My Links, My Invitations, O-Trim, Downloads, Community, Webinars, Support tab.

GoFounders is a one-stop-solution for all digital requirements that offers growth in the tech vertical. Also, offers AI based marketing automation tools and apps for small and large businesses. These tools and applications reduce operational cost and enhance marketing efficiency. Using GoFounders tools is vital for a business to stay ahead in today’s AI-powered world. Some of the solutions offered by GoFounders are-


 Mass bulk mailing

 Calendar scheduler

 Video marketing

 Video conference

 Website builder

 Webinar

Benefits of joining GoFounders

1. You get to know the target market.

2. You can keep track of the needs of the target audience.

3. You can directly Market your product and services to the customers.

GoFounders Compensation Plan

The unlimited compensation plans for GoFounders members are:

 The Stairstep Breakaway Plan

 The Unilevel Plan

 The Binary Plan

 The Hybrid compensation plan

 2-Up/Top-Tier Plan

 The Matrix Plan

With these plans, tools and applications, various founders have enhanced their business productivity.

Is GoFounders legit?

Coming across various GoFounders reviews, people express their experience and thought on whether it is legit or scam. Based on the reviews, tools, applications, and compensation plans, it shows that GoFounders is a legit company and not a scam. GoFounders assures a money-back guarantee to it’s members that denote that they are a legit company.

GoFounders offers various benefits like earning recurring income, automating marketing activities and complete access to its tools and applications for free. It gives solutions from other business owners too that ultimately enhances business growth and profitability.

The Feedback

OnPassive and GoFounders have received positive reviews not just from the employees but also from their registered founder members. GoFounders has received a rating of 4 stars in Glassdoor, Trustpilot, and Sitejabber which is an excellent review for a company.

It’s an ultimate tool for active participation and building a global network. There’s an active calendar for segmented launch of AI enabled products by ONPASSIVE. Here, OnPassive site has a separate section for GoFounders where its functions and tools are explained for the users. Shared testimonies suggest that it’s a best decision to join GoFounders for your business.

“I am a proud member of GoFounders OnPassive”

-Richard Rodriquez, Trustpilot

“Better AI Business future with GoFounders”

-Danish, Trustpilot

Wrapping up

The GoFounders and its benefits of tools and applications will not just help you choose this platform but will also help you enjoy your personal and professional life equally. Its impressive concept has been attracting a huge number of client registrations of 51,000 members that keeps increasing every day.

product review
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