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Introducing The Medium Writers Challenge (Talk About Competition!)

I didn't see this coming did you?

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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The great thing about having the best of both worlds is aah ... Having the best of both worlds. :)

I had just come up with this crazy idea for my next article and because ideas come and go I decided that I was going to write it down, a line or two or maybe just the title so that I can work on it later. Unfortunately I didn't get to do that I don't even remember what the whole thing was about anymore. But it doesn't matter because a post by medium took me by surprise and received my total and undivided attention.

Medium Introduced a Writers Challenge

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... Just like vocal does but a lot better not in every way but definitely worth it.

I'm already looking for ways in which this challenge may be worse compared to most vocal challenges and it's a bit hard. It's great! Maybe I just need some time I'll come up with something, I almost always do. If that wasn't a thing I just made it so.

4 Challenges in 1

Medium's writer challenge is actually a 4 in 1 type of challenge. It's not like you can submit as many stories as you please like vocal allows us to but you can write 4 stories considering 4 totally different topics. The first one is:


Where you're asked to share a story about going back to something or somebody after some time apart and how this experience influences you, and your life altogether.


The word says a lot for itself this is another topic that writers get a chance to writer a story on. Even though it states death this shouldn't necessarily involve or be about losing someone but it may be a loss in a lot of different ways which aren't always sad or even a bad thing.


Pretty self explanatory? Thought s as well this another topic writers get to write a story on as well. A lot goes on when it comes to work, a lot can be shared within the work category we all have our own version of what work is and thanks to this challenge we can all say a thing or to about our work by taking part in this challenge.


This is the fourth and last option that writers have for a topic. Certainly the last but also interesting. Our day-to-day lives are defined by space: living space, personal space, outer space. We make space. We claim space. We practice social distancing. This is another topic writers get to explore.

Based on the Official Rules the judging Criteria is as follows:

Creativity of Submission (40%);

Originality of Submission (30%);

Writing quality (30%).

This doesn't necessarily mean leaving typos for everyone to see but I'm glad it isn't the main focus here. 30% Seems to be fair enough, I wonder how they do the math.

Enough about that. Let's talk about the PRIZES:

Four finalists will be selected and each will receive $10.000

100 writers will be selected and each will get $100

But, that isn't all there's a grand prize of $50.000

Medium joined Vocal with the bonuses and obviously Medium made it bigger and although these bonuses seem to be available at least until August it was definitely worth it. Now Medium came up with a writers challenge of their own as well. Is this here to stay?

One interesting and motivating fact here is that a lot od people will get a chance to win, even the losers win. To win apart from having a great story you need to be among the four finalists, the grand prize winner or part of the 100 that will be selected with the chance to moon walk away with $100. Like never before!

The interesting thing about doing something after somebody else has is the possibility to do better.


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