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Introducing Entrepreneur Renee Battle

Battle Mental Health PLLC Mission is to remove the Negative Stigma surrounding Mental Health

By Veronica Charnell MediaPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo Courtesy of Renee Battle

Renee Battle is using what she has experienced in her personal life to help other people discover their purpose in life. She has recently launch her own firm called Battle Mental Health PLLC which is currently offering Virtual Therapy for North Carolina Residents.

Enjoy the interview….

Veronica Charnell: Why did you decide to go into the Mental Health field?

Renee Battle: It started with my own personal journey to discovering my purpose. The mental health field wasn’t something I necessarily chose. I feel like it chose me. I remember being a Business major on Georgia State University’s campus searching for the reason I existed. I recognized I had a gift in listening and represented a walking diary of my friends, family, and strangers’ secrets at a very young age. People naturally trusted me with their hidden thoughts, and I took that responsibility very seriously even before becoming a licensed therapist. Overtime, I went through my own share of painful experiences, losses, rejection, and setbacks that left me wounded which required me to do my own work. After overcoming many things, I became committed to helping others overcome.

Veronica Charnell: Do you think society has placed a negative stigma on Mental Health Issues?

Renee Battle: Yes, but only due to lack of knowledge and understanding around the topic. I do believe we are moving towards an increase in acceptance of mental health treatment now that more conversations are happening about how to practice better self-care. I also believe the struggles that came from the pandemic forced us to search outside of ourselves for help. I am very hopeful about the future of mental health awareness and the path to turning the negative stigma on mental health into a positive one.

Veronica Charnell: What can eventually happen if someone do not properly manage their Mental Health issue?

Renee Battle: If you are not properly managing your mental health, ignoring, suppressing, and/or avoiding mental health symptoms. Your mental health condition can worsen, and you might find it more difficult to function in your daily life overtime.

Photo Courtesy of Renee Battle

Veronica Charnell: You recently launch your own business. Can you tell us why you decided to launch your own firm?

Renee Battle: I wanted to develop a practice that could target a specific audience. People with secret pain in their heart, stressed, and unsure about where life will take them from here. People who desire change and is willing to put in the work to get there.

Veronica Charnell: What type of services do you provide?

Renee Battle: We offer individual, couples, and family therapy. We specialize in helping people handle transitions and discover ways to navigate their journey after experiencing losses, rejection, past trauma, and interruptions to what life use to be. Battle Mental Health PLLC helps our clients understand that painful experiences are not indications of life being over. Our work consists of gaining clarity and a plan on how their experiences can launch them into their greatest years. We also offer Virtual Therapy Sessions for out of state clients.

Visit Battle Mental Health Website Here

Photo Courtesy of Battle Mental Health PLLC

Veronica Charnell: Do you work with clients who needs assistance getting over physical, and mental abuse?

Renee Battle: Yes, I work with clients who are dealing with a long list of past traumas, including those who have been victims of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Physical abuse is very clear to classify. We can often point out physical abuse before we can recognize when mental and emotional abuse is happening. I help clients identify, process, heal, and overcome the abuse. I want to add that healing doesn’t mean we forget what happened to us; it just means we reach a point where it no longer controls our lives.

Photo Courtesy of Renee Battle

Veronica Charnell: Please let us know what is your passion?

Renee Battle: My passion is helping others win, thrive, and reach their full potential in the face of uncertainty, loss, and setbacks. I enjoy witnessing others discover their power and experience a life that is satisfying, fulfilling, and rewarding. When my clients and I reach the point in our sessions where we reflect on how restoration has taken place, these are the moments I live for.

Veronica Charnell: What is next for Renee?

Renee Battle: What’s next is expanding Battle Mental Health PLLC. I have plans to serve in other states outside of North Carolina, as well as offer more services to increase healing to individuals, couples, and families.

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