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Interesting cold facts about Korea


By Kim CruzPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

Why is Korea also called the Republic of Korea?The name of Korea is "Republic of Korea", and you guessed it right: yes, it is a reference to "Republic of China".After the Korean peninsula fell to Japan, some Korean Zionists were engaged in restoring the country by using China as a base.In 1919, some Korean patriots established the "Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea" in the French Concession in Shanghai, referring to the name of the Republic of China.

What does Smita mean?When Koreans speak, they often add a "smita" after a sentence."Smita" has no specific meaning, but is an inflection and suffix. In Korean, adding "Smita" to a sentence has three meanings.The first meaning: It means that you have finished speaking.The second meaning: to show respect for the person to whom you are speaking.The third meaning: It shows that the occasion of speaking is more formal.

Why did Japan have to annex Korea?After the Meiji Restoration, Japan was determined to become a great power, imitating the old British colonial expansion and expanding to the East Asian continent, but it was impossible to expand in the continent overnight, so it had to take a stronghold in the East Asian continent first, and then use this stronghold as a base for expansion.There are precedents for similar things in history, for example, in England.In 1607, the British colonists established the first colonial stronghold in Jamestown, North America, as a base, and then expanded step by step on this basis to 13 North American colonies, and later, the colonists rebelled against the mother country and established the United States.Therefore, the expansion of Japan was imitated by Britain, and Korea was the closest place to Japan in East Asia, so it was taken down first as a base for expansion.

Why was the Korean Peninsula poor in ancient times?Historically, the Korean Peninsula was actually a very poor place, mainly because: it had many mountains and little flat land, so to speak, and its agricultural endowment was very low.To this day, the situation has not changed. Today, South Korea has only 0.04 hectares of arable land per capita, which ranks at the bottom of the world and is one of the countries with the least arable land per capita in the world today.Therefore, Korea can only rely on industry.Fortunately, Korea successfully transformed into an industrial country in the 1970s and 1980s, otherwise, with such poor agricultural endowment, Koreans would still have to live in poverty if they depend on the land for food.

Why do Koreans eat dog meat too?Yes, like China, Korea is also a country that eats dog meat.However, the countries that eat dog meat are far from just China and Korea, in fact many countries eat dog meat.To name a few: Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, all of these countries, eat dog meat.In addition to that, Indians also eat dog meat, such as those in Mizoram, Nagaland and other areas.In addition, East Timor, a country, also eats dog meat.

Is Korean kimchi healthy or not?Some people say that Korean kimchi is low in calories and rich in fiber, vitamins and lactobacillus probiotics, making it a healthful food.But then again, some people say that Korean kimchi exceeds the nitrite standard and is a typical cancer-causing food, and the perennially high incidence of stomach cancer among Koreans is thought to be related to eating kimchi.So, which of the above two statements is correct?The answer is: both are correct.Korean kimchi is a "healthy cancer-causing food". It is healthy because it is rich in fiber, probiotics, etc., which is good for human body in the short term, and it is unhealthy because it is a typical high salt (nitrite) food, which does cause cancer.In fact, there are quite a few "healthy cancer-causing foods" in nature, red meat is. Red meat is good for the human body, but if you eat it for a long time and eat too much, it will increase the risk of colon cancer.

What is SAD?South Korea has deployed the U.S. "SAD" on its own soil, which has led to a diplomatic row with China.However, what the hell is SAD?To make a long story short, Sade is a very advanced missile interception system. Suppose something happens in the Taiwan Strait in the future, China's missiles lift off and are about to strike a U.S. ship in the Taiwan Strait, but at this time, Sade deployed in South Korea suddenly lifts off and stops our Chinese missiles in the sky.This is why we in China are very annoyed with the deployment of SAD in South Korea.However, how do the South Koreans explain it?The South Koreans say that they are deploying SAD, not against China, but for defense against North Korea. However, the problem lies in two points.The first point: because South Korea is a military ally of the United States, although South Korea's SAD is said to deal with North Korea, in case something happens in the Taiwan Strait, South Korea's SAD will naturally serve the U.S. military and turn to deal with China.The second point: SAD on South Korean land, its radar monitoring range of up to two thousand kilometers, so, not only can monitor North Korea, but also monitor mainland China, so as long as South Korea deployed SAD, China's missile deterrence is discounted, China's nuclear deterrence, also by it.However, the South Koreans said that they must deploy SAD in order to prevent North Korea, you China and how to oppose, they do not hesitate to do so, so this matter annoyed China, but later also to end, it is said that South Korea promised to China not to increase the number of SAD, but also considered to give China a step down.

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